Marvell Lane – Ava & Kiera – 14H & 18

The Ultimate Bikini You know that feeling you get when you own something so fantastic, you just don’t know how to contain your excitement? That is me. As you know from my past reviews & from my Instagram, I absolutely love Marvell Lane. There’s no hiding it. They are that unicorn brand I have been … Continue reading Marvell Lane – Ava & Kiera – 14H & 18


Sculptresse – Dionne – 14J & 20

The way you make me feel... Finally I am the proud owner of a set by Sculptresse. I have admired them from afar but never been able to take the plunge since my band size falls out of their range. Sculptresse specifically cater to sizes 14-24 (UK 36-46) & cup sizes D-J. Often I try … Continue reading Sculptresse – Dionne – 14J & 20