Reign Swim – Ashley – S

THE PERFECT NON WIRED SWIMSUIT EXISTS! Sorry to be all shouty with the capitals in the title there, but seriously, it has been a loooonng struggle for me to find non wired swimwear for an 8G bust that actually keeps my boobs in, and I finally found a winner! I have worn this Ashley set … Continue reading Reign Swim – Ashley – S

Panache – Jasmine – 8GG & 10

Overload I just looked through my archives & this is my 4th Jasmine bra, in a 3rd different size! You know you love a bra when you have to keep getting it in your new sizes as your body changes. For the sake of full transparency - I am still breastfeeding & have barely worn … Continue reading Panache – Jasmine – 8GG & 10