Panache – Jasmine – 12J & 18

Go Wild! Watch out world, I’ve just had my first taste of animal print. Yes, I admit it’s quite a subtle print, but I’m still a beginner, so bear with me! I got my first Jasmine bra 6 months ago & have been hooked ever since. Now I have three & feel I have a … Continue reading Panache – Jasmine – 12J & 18


Curvy Kate – Victory – 12J

I am victorious. That’s right, Victory is mine! This is my first ever Curvy Kate bra that fits. (I don’t know if you saw it on my Instagram, I do own Tease, however the fit is all wrong. Feel free to take a look HERE ) So, although it’s not my first ever purchase, it … Continue reading Curvy Kate – Victory – 12J