Panache – Olivia – 10H

Ultimate Comfort

I wore this bra yesterday for the first time, & wore it sunrise to sunset. It passed my checklist with flying colours! We went walking, out to a play date, climbing in & out of play equipment, to the shops, pram/child/myself in & out of the car & other general running around. It was only as I was getting ready for the shower that I remembered I had a brand new bra on! It was so comfortable I’d forgotten that I was supposed to be writing down how it felt throughout the day.

Panache are really surprising me with the consistency of quality of these mesh bras. I always assumed they won’t be as supportive as I want, but yet again, I’m proven wrong by Olivia. The full cup provides great coverage & support. I particularly like how much this bra separates & rounds. I’ve never been a fan of cleavage, & there was no occasions during the day which I felt my boobs touch, which I loved! Also, I cannot recall at any time having to readjust or fiddle with it during the day.

Now, this pattern! I really tried to get a few good shots of this bra in different lighting to show off how pretty it really is! Hot pink, shimmering polka dots & floral. Love it! I was surprised by the simple design of the edge at the top of the cup, but I think it works in well with this pattern.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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