Royce Lingerie – Blossom – 12G/GG/H

I Got You Babe

Yes! This is a non-wired nursing bra. But it is also so much more. The softness & adaptability of this bra makes it better than any other nursing bra or crop I’ve tried. (And trust me, I’ve spent my fair share of time in nursing bras!) My son weaned off the breast 6 months ago, yet I still wear a nursing bra to bed every night.
The top things I look for in nursing bras are durability, comfort & support. Think carrying around H cup boobs everyday is heavy? Think again. Add milk to them & that makes for extra heavy boobs to hold up – without underwire!

This bra will stand up to the test! Yes, you do notice there are no underwire, but for the right reasons. I’m surprised by how much lift & shape this bra does provide. The cups are soft, seamless & unpadded. The foam support sling is a great idea to help shape & support tender lactating boobies, but my number one favourite feature is the hidden centre drawstrings! I need to shake the hand of the genius who thought of this! I remember sitting at my first breastfeeding class at Mater Hospital  the day my milk came in & although I was wearing an H cup Lauren by Royce Lingerie, I was so full of milk I couldn’t clip the cups back up to the straps! This new design feature eliminates that problem all together. This bra adapts & changes sizes as your breasts do. A wonderful wonderful idea!

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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