Lilly & Lime – Halter Bikini – 10H & 14 Brief

Bikini Time

Lilly & Lime have done a great job promoting the launch of their range. I had seen this swimwear posted throughout my Instagram feed by lots of the bloggers I follow & admire. I needed to get in on the action & try swimwear actually designed with my body shape in mind!

So without any further ado, here is my first every swimwear review.

The bikini. What an experience it was to put on a bikini in my size! The last time I bought a bikini I was in my early teens & an E cup. Since then I had stuck to non wired, plus size, ill fitting, one piece suits & I especially avoided halters! So you can imagine my sigh of relief when I put this on & it felt good!

The cups & back are very true to size. The fabric sits nicely against my body & I don’t spill over the top of the cups. The fabric has the right balance between stretchiness & support. I love the feature of moulded inserts too! I like the security of knowing that people won’t see my nipples through the fabric once I get out of the water. The back fits nice & firm & is not too tight.

I did start with mixed opinions about whether I liked the shape this style gives. When I put it on I felt separated. Very separated. It’s a different feeling for me & I felt a bit exposed. Once I took my photos tho, my opinions changed. I liked the look the halter gave. I liked the round shape. And you know, that giant gap between my boobs wasn’t actually that big! I genuinely like how I look in this.

The stripe pattern is really flattering, as are the wide halter ties.

Lilly & Lime are definitely onto a winner with this design.

As for the briefs. They look, sit & feel like normal basic briefs. They’re not overly flashy, & I don’t want them to be either. They are well fitting, comfortable & practical. Just the way I like it.

As you can see in the picture, they are a bit snug. I chose a size 14 because I like a tight fitting brief to wear under my board shorts. If I was wearing this set to laze around in the sun with no board shorts, I would have to opt for a size 16 Hipster Tie. They look much more fun!

Now all I must do is wait for Winter to be over!

2 thoughts on “Lilly & Lime – Halter Bikini – 10H & 14 Brief

    1. Hi Atla, personally I didn’t have any issues with it hurting my neck, whether I was wearing it wet or dry. I think it’s because the band is nice & firm, it takes most of the weight. It also very comfortable to swim in. šŸ˜€


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