Freya – Ignite Bra – 10H & Short – XL

Freya Fever

Well hello Freya & welcome to my wardrobe!

I was cruising around some EOFY online sales & stumbled across this breath of fresh air. I was a bit apprehensive buying a brand online which I’ve never tried on before, from a store I’ve never used before, but I did some research & bit the bullet. Whew, I’m glad I did!

This set is fabulous. I was immediately drawn to the colourful print & bright yellow bows! I adore the pops of colour. They’re like little bursts of confetti celebrating the joys of wearing beautiful underwear. Its my own private party!🎉

In addition to looking great, this bra fits wonderfully. The shoulder straps are some of the softest straps I’ve ever felt, & I love that the polka dot pattern has been continued onto the straps & back.

The cups are firm & supportive. They hold me securely while still giving a very feminine shape.

I do enjoy having the sheer white mesh at the top of the cups, but am a little confused by the white jagged stitching? It looks a bit random to me.

The shorts offer great bum coverage & are really comfortable. The fabric is really stretchy, while the waistband is quite firm. I won’t have any worries of them falling down!

I’m so happy with my purchase & will definitely be adding Freya to my list of faves!

From: DeBra’s

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