Panache – Clara – 10HH


Oh Clara, I love you in all of your colours! Gone are the days of only having black, white & beige bras to choose from. This time I was torn between the new Red Gold or Duck Egg Blue. They both made my heart glad, but the brighter bolder colours always win with me.

The highlight for me is this gold lace overlapping the shimmery red fabric of the cups. I love watching the colours shimmer & change with different lighting & angles. It creates a uniqueness which you don’t find very often with lingerie of this size.

The lace used on the top of the cups is soft & stretchy. This makes it mould wonderfully to the shape of my breast, giving a rounded & natural shape. The lower section of the cup is made from a firm mesh, which provides fantastic support & good lift. Although the lace is detailed, it sits quite flat, so this bra can be worn under almost everything.

My only wish is that Panache would continue the lace all the way around to the back. Most of their bras have a very simple yet plain mesh back. Comfortable, but not overly exciting.

In saying that, Clara is still my favourite lace bra!

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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