Panache Swim – Anya – 10H Bandeau Top & 16 Fold Pant

Set for Summer

As you may all be aware, this is the year of me trying the love & accept my body. My first leap of faith was starting a lingerie blog. As intimidating at that initial thought was, it (of course) turned out to be pretty awesome. This was all well & good in the privacy of my own home, but in my mind swimwear was a whole other ball game. I’d never had that same appreciation for swimwear as I had for lingerie, mostly because I was terrified of it. As my previous post discussed, it was too far out of my comfort zone.

But this is no more! For the first time in my life, I went & spent time at the beach in a bikini. This one to be exact.

Here is why I chose it:

The cups & back are true to size, as they always are with Panache. The band fits nice & firm, so I had no concerns with taking the shoulder straps off & spending my time strapless. (Yet another first for me!)

This top gives amazing shape & support. It sits very similar to their balconet bras & includes hidden padded underwire cups.

I think the design is very attractive & sophisticated. A unique feature being the back is fastened by overlapping layers of fabric. If you zoom in closely on the side seam on some of these images, you can see where the clip is used. I personally found it a bit more difficult to put on than a normal fastener, but the firmness & security it gives more than makes up for it.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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