Panache – Andorra – 10H & XL

I am determined

Firstly, can we take a moment to look at how beautiful this new colour is? Panache have outdone themselves with this seasons new colours. I’m definitely a big fan!

Besides the colour, let’s talk about what else makes this bra awesome.

The cups are constructed using two different kinds of lace, each with their own benefits. The upper section is made from a soft, delicate, stretchy lace. Being a full cup bra it completely encompasses the breasts. There is no spilling out over the cups, & because of the lace used, the shape easily adjusts to a wide variety of breast shapes & sizes. Not to mention the pattern is rather glamorous & sits so softly on the skin. It’s not a bra you want to hide under clothes!

The lower section of the cup is lined with a more supportive fabric & features a sling to help give that wonderful shape. Often times with other styles I’ve found the sling gives me a weird squashed side boob look, but this is not the case with Andorra.

It is such a comfortable, soft, easy to wear bra. While I don’t find it quite as supportive as designs like Floris or Envy, it is still a fantastic bra for everyday wear.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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