Panache – Envy – 10H

I am strong

As you would all know by now, I am obsessed with Panache & the fact that they offer such a wide range of beautiful underwear for bigger & bustier ladies. Right now I am also obsessed with their colour range. Peacock blues, teals, pinks, oh I love it all.

More importantly, let’s talk about comfort.

Envy fits true to size. The fabric of the cups is nice & firm, which makes me feel secure & supported. The shape is great & suits my figure just right! A standout feature for me is the soft elastic lace at the top of the cups. It sits beautifully against my skin & does not gape in any areas. The softness of the lace compliments the pattern on the lower sections of the cups beautifully. This design is also mirrored onto the briefs which again, are ridiculously comfortable.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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