Panache – Floris – 10H

I am happy

Happiness is… well fitting lingerie!

Floris is currently holding the top spot of my favourites list. Yes, I have saved the best until last. I love it so much I now have 3 of them!

I know I’ve said it before, but it feels like it was designed specifically for me, my body type & the support I demand.

This is a bra that I can wear for 18 hours straight chasing around a toddler & not have any complaints about. Yes, it’s beautiful, but more importantly supports me like no other.

The cups are made from a sturdy polyester type fabric & embroidered mesh at the top. I adore this combination of fabrics & the fact that there is almost no elastic on the cups. They aren’t moulded, but sit as if they were. No stretch fabrics or lace, just a genuinely comfortable & well fitting design.

It gives my breasts my beloved “perky, lifted & pointing forward” shape while still providing the perfect amount of coverage. Never has there been a time where I’ve been worried about spilling out of the top or sides of the cups. I can do anything & still be supported & secure.

In this bra I can take on the world! (Ok, maybe not, but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, back to how cute it is. Panache’s choice of prints, patterns & colours truely make my heart happy. (No boring beige lingerie is allowed in my wardrobe!) My heart sings with joy over the colour choices, the mesh upper sections with its geometric embroidery & scalloped edges, the teal crosshatch pattern on the shoulder straps & that cute fuschia bow in the middle… They all work so beautifully together & really boost the appeal of this bra.

It is unlike anything else & I love it unconditionally!

In summary:

Me + Floris = Happy.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore¬†

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