Amber & Indigo – Custom Made Set

Black, Strappy & Sparkling

Yes, you read that right. This gorgeous glittering set was designed & made just for me & my curves. Armed with a idea of what I liked & all of my measurements, Bonnie set off on the almighty quest to create a set to make me feel confident & sexy. As you know, all of my lingerie tends to be focused on bright colours & support. I had nothing uniquely sexy. No eccentric statement pieces. Until now!

Introducing the unnamed custom glitter set from Amber & Indigo! ✨

You may recognise the high waisted briefs from her collection back in early 2015. These are the Patience Waisted briefs with some minor adjustments to help accommodate my big booty & to add on some suspender straps. They are made from the same glitter mesh fabric as the Starstruck Briefs, but with the fabric reversed to give a more subtle sparkle. This same glitter mesh has been used on the lower section of the cups, tying the set together.

Now, this bra is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen in her range! When I first discovered Amber & Indigo, I looked at the website & adored the style & range but wrote it off as another brand I’d never be able to wear, because I don’t look like the models. I require underwire to support the weight of these H cups & I only saw cute little bralets.

This was my first mistake!

I wasted months dreaming about the sets I saw on IG & getting unnecessarily discouraged when all I had to do was send a little email & ask one question. It so turns out that yes, a custom made underwire bra was possible & now I am it’s proud owner!

This uncomplicated basic bra design makes it surprisingly easy to wear. It’s foundations are brilliantly made, which means it is as supportive & comfortable as other moulded cup bras that I’ve owned, the only difference being that these shoulder straps are narrower. In saying that, the straps are soft & stretchy. They don’t cause an discomfort & the adjusters stay in place. This bra is a statement piece. It is for playing dress ups, feeling glamorous & being adored in.

My normal checklist of things to look out for in a bra reviews don’t apply as much here. I just love how this set makes me look & feel. I love the sparkles. I love the lace. I love the gold hardware. And I love that it is mine!

Thank you Bonnie for all the hours you spent creating these pieces for me. I appreciate it all. The multitude of emails you received from me confirming my specifications. The tweaking of designs & that you kept me up to date throughout the whole process. This is made the process really enjoyable & I would definitely do it again. Xo

From: Amber & Indigo

One thought on “Amber & Indigo – Custom Made Set

  1. Glorious set!✨ I would love something like that but considering the price of entirely custom made lingerie I am still afraid of getting something that wouldn’t fit me. However this designer clearly has some skills! I like her work and I love seeing your confidence in this set!(Super cool panty btw) Congrats to you both on this work!😊

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