Lacegrenade – Black Hearts Club Knickers – XL

It must be love…
As most of you probably know, I take delight in quietly stalking Australian lingerie designers on Instagram & swooning over their beautiful creations. Especially those who offer a large range of sizes & use all different body types in their advertising.
Here is an example of a little store I discovered & could not resist supporting. Lacegrenade!

These are the ridiculously comfortable Black Hearts Club High Waist Knickers handmade by Annalisa in Melbourne, Australia.

Seriously, these things are as comfortable as they look! They are such a great fit & were immediately placed in the “frequent wear” section of my lingerie wardrobe.

Not only is the fishnet heart fabric completely adorable, the fabric is also of high quality. The finished product is great. No lose threads or dodgey stitching. I can’t fault her workmanship at all. But the most important thing for me is the fit!

The size of the knickers are exactly as they’re written as on the size chart. Every single part of these fit me magnificently, you would think Annalisa had actually flown here & measured every inch of me to get a fit so great. The waistband sits exactly where I want it to, the leg holes are the perfect size, nothing digs in or is scratchy & I have no issues with them riding up my butt, at all! I find that fact that the fit is this great, without being a custom order, to be truely exceptional. This design was made for my figure before I even knew it existed!

Can it get any better than this?

From: Lacegrenade

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