Playful Promises – Rosie – 12G & XL

Pretty In Pink

Hello friends. Welcome back to my blog! I must apologise for my absence. 

The end of 2016 was a bit of a rough time for me, & I decided to take a few months off writing reviews until I got into a better headspace. This actually took longer than I expected, so I have a pretty long list of things to write about now, but nonetheless, I’m back!

To kick things off, let’s begin with Rosie, a cute little set from Playful Promises!

My very first impressions of this set was that Rosie screamed “FUN”! Hot pink, black lace, ouvert brief, quarter cup – I was sold! Yes, it’s a deviation from the standard practical sets I review, but I couldn’t resist. 

As you may know, Playful Promises have a wide range of sizes. Their bands run from UK 28-42 with cups A-G, which means regardless of whether you are petite, have a mid to full bust or are curvaceous, there is most likely something in their range for you! After a bit of trial & error, I’ve found their 12G is the best fit for me, as they are yet to introduce H cups to the range. When it’s for fun pieces like this, I don’t fuss too much about the perfect fit as I would something designed for daily wear, so a G cup is fine. 

Rosie is made up of soft foam quarter cups, polyester fabric, eyelash lace & a black mesh back. The band sits firmly & the cups give amazing lift. Personally I found the shoulder straps to be far too long, but after a few minutes at the sewing machine, that problem was easily fixed! 

The set aesthetically pleasing with its contrasting bold colours & lace designs. Although I must admit, the black stitching which attaches the elastic reeks havoc with my OCD. I wish the thread they used was pink, like on the cups as I feel it would make the set look more luxurious. 

In saying that, despite the choice of thread colour, I think the briefs are pretty awesome! I chose the ouvert for its playfulness & how it complimented the quarter cup. I’m so glad I did. While the the size of the opening made it a little difficult to photograph, it was ideal for the bedroom. Like other PP briefs made of polyester, I find the fit a bit snug for daily wear, but that’s not what this set is for. 

If fun & playful is what you’re after, I think this Rosie is ideal. 


2 thoughts on “Playful Promises – Rosie – 12G & XL

  1. They’re lovely! I have the Mathilde bra form playful promises (pretty much the same style just different colours) so I couldn’t justify buying this set! And yes, I have noticed that PP have a habit of having long straps!
    Anyway, brilliant review and I’m glad to see you’re back blogging!!

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