Elomi – Soraya – 10H & XL

The Perfect Storm

Long long time ago, back in the early 2010’s I had a little obsession with a brand called Elomi. I wore their beige 14HH tshirts bras to work 6 days a week. I lived in those bad boys! They fit all the criteria of what I needed at the time. In 2013 I started working out & eating healthier. I would double my Elomi love & wear TWO of those beige bras at once to hold my boobs down while I worked out. I had never owned a sports bra in my life & wasn’t prepared to buy one yet. 

I ended up losing 32kg & the next time I went bra shopping I had dropped to a 10H & completely out of the Elomi size range, as their bands started at a 14.

Fast forward to 2017 & here I am wearing their 10H! I’m not going to lie, I did actually do a happy dance in front of the mirror as soon as I tried this on!

Elomi & I are reunited at last! 

Not only this bra, but a large portion of their latest collection begin with either a size 10 or 12 band! As a previous customer I knew how supportive & well made their products were in the past & am happy to say the quality has remained at that high standard.

The fabric used to make Soraya is light weight & very smooth to touch. The shoulder straps are made from a wide black elastic which is equally as smooth. I’m happy to say the while the elastic for the shoulder straps is a bit thinner to what I would usually wear, they do not cause any discomfort or fold onto themselves. The width of the elastic distributes the weight on my shoulders evenly.

The cups are made up of four sections, all of which are unlined & have no stretch. While this style & cut work perfectly on me, it may not suit everyone. Lucky for me, it’s a perfect fit! The construction of the cups makes for a rounded shape, while lifting & separating the bust. Personally I don’t like cleavage & find my breasts touching to be uncomfortable (& sweaty), so to have a plunge bra that doesn’t do either of those things makes me exceptionally happy. And unlike other plunge designs, there is also no risk of you accidentally falling out of your bra whilst bending over. This may just be the best designed plunge bra I’ve owned!

Not only does this set feel great, but it looks great too! Is it just me, or when you look at the bra front on, do you picture butterfly wings? Their choice of bold coloured florals on a neutral background really makes the colours pop! If you know me, you know I don’t like plain lingerie. I strive to be positive, bright & light hearted & like my lingerie to reflect that. This set certainly ticks that box! 

Another feature I love is that the pattern is continued around the back of the band, & all around the briefs. It looks fabulous from every angle! Speaking of the knickers, they are smooth, light weight & super comfortable. The waistband is true to size & doesn’t cut in. 

I could not be happier with Elomi right now & am really really looking forward to adding them back into my collection. 

From:  www.storminadcup.com.au

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