Adina Reay – Fran – 12G & XL

Hey Hey Adina Reay

I have only recently discovered Adina Reay, even though they’ve been around for a couple of years they had somehow slipped under my radar. How did this happen? Every single piece in their collection looks so delicate & luxurious. I had to get it on my body, even if it meant I’d have to spend a few months saving my pennies first. So when I saw a competition on their IG to win this set, there was not a doubt in my mind. I had to enter. Thankfully for me, I was the winner!!

Their size range is 6-14 DD-G so I opted to go with a 12G (the sister size of 10H) & hoped for the best. 

It really really pains me to write this, but the sizing didn’t work in my favour this time. The band was far too big & the cups were too small. On my bigger breast (which is probably a HH) the underwire did not sit against my body & I spilled out of the edge of the cup. My left breast fits perfectly though. 

This is not an issue with their sizing, but just the shape of my body.

I’ve always joked that I think my boobs are 2 cups different in size, & in the case of this set it looks to be true.

I’m not over exaggerating when I say I was devastated that my right breast was too big. I contemplated trying a 10G to fix the band being too big, but know it would only make the issue of cup size worse. 

Sadly, this bra won’t make it into my everyday wear, but oh my, this glorious set will be so frequently photographed! I can’t get past the minimalist elegance of their designs. Smooth fabrics, clean lines & so beautifully made. It’s the stuff my lingerie dreams are made of.

And those knickers. They give me life. Just look at them! They are so smooth, delicate & comfortable. I couldn’t stop touching them! 

Have any of you tried Adina Reay before? Can you recommend any of their other styles which might have a bit more flexibility or room in the cups? I’m really loving the looks of both the Jo & Pen & am wondering if I should get them? They’re so damn beautiful! Help!


2 thoughts on “Adina Reay – Fran – 12G & XL

  1. Thanks for this review! I have been wanting this set for ages now. Probably the only way I could afford it is to win a competition, though, lol. It looks so pretty on. Such a unique design. It was also the first set I noticed from Adina Reay and it got me super interested in the brand. I’m glad to finally see some non-stock photos! Sorry that they don’t have your size 😦


    1. I know the feeling! My wish lists are always so long, yet my bank account is so tight. Winning this was exactly what I needed. A perfect way to try out a new brand without the risk. I highly recommend them & would love to try more.

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