Freya – Siren – 10H, L & XL

Milestone Piece

It has finally happened! I am the proud owner of an everyday matching 3 piece set. Woohoo!

Admittedly it did take longer than I was expecting, between finding the right brand, size & something within my budget, it took a while, but this set is finally mine & has me enchanted. Each piece is so comfortable & practical for everyday wear. I have worn it so much over the last few months, but kept forgetting to photograph the set. 

So here I am, finally, happy dancing around my kitchen in it!

Although I’m not the biggest fan of black lingerie, the pale pink embroidery, bows & buttons soften the overall look of the set.

The cups are made up from a combination of two different tulle/mesh fabrics which have almost no stretch in them. As you can see in the pictures, both fabrics are used together on the lower section of the cups to make them sturdy, but separately throughout the rest of the set. This means the cups are firm, supportive & are ideal for everyday wear. Adding to the appeal of the bra are these extra wide shoulder straps. Measuring in with a width of almost one inch, they are perfect for holding up these H cups all day long. I don’t suffer any shoulder or back pain while in this bra since it fits perfectly all around. 

Top it off with bows & little flower buttons, and I am one very happy & comfortable lady. (Seriously though, who doesn’t love buttons?) This style is carried perfectly through on to both the suspender & thong. The only thing I would change would be the width of the suspender strap, I feel the set would look more balanced if they matched the width with the width of the bra strap. But that’s just me being picky. 

All of the items are true to size & a pleasure to wear. I am honestly very impressed with this set!


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