Polka Dot Bra – Joanna – 34J & XXL

Polish Lingerie Debut

May I introduce to you, my first ever set made in Poland. I’ve read so much over the years about how amazing Polish bras can be, but that the sizing can be hard to figure out. 

When the ladies at Polka Dot Bra offered me a set to try, I couldn’t say no! I sent them my measurements & they sent me this gorgeous set. 

Let me start by saying the Polish sizing system is super confusing, even when explained to me, I still don’t totally understand. In the Australian & UK sizing rules you measure your underbust to determine band size (I measure 32 inches) then your bust size to determine the cup size (I’m 42 inches). For every inch difference between band & cup you count up one cup size. This means my band is a 32 & since there are 10 inches between my band & bust, my cup size is the 10th letter in the bra cup alphabet, which is an H. In Polish sizing these rules are different. I honestly don’t know what the rules are, if you do, please let me know. 

I highly recommend talking to the retailer before making any purchases. They can take your measurements & do all the confusing math for you. Then (hopefully) you won’t be disappointed when your new lingerie arrives!

My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The customer service was fantastic, the shipping was fast & the set fits perfectly!

Now, let’s talk about the lingerie.

Joanna is a lightly padded soft cup bra with mesh panels & lace trims. Unlike other soft or moulded cup bras this provides full coverage & maximum support without compromising on looks or comfort. I had read about the amazing lift & shape that can only be given by Polish brands, but to witness it first hand & wear it myself is such a delight! It looks stunning under a variety of different outfits & is more comfortable than almost everything else in my lingerie wardrobe.

I love how beautiful & effortless this design is. It has a touch of elegance which I didn’t expect. The little bows placed on the seams where the cups meet the shoulder straps are cute, but my favourite is the centre bow & jewel. Notice it’s not placed at the very top of the wires, where they usually hide, getting twisted or hidden by boobs. By positioning it in the middle of the gore it grabs more attention & enhances the look of the set. It is something I haven’t seen before, but it’s really eye catching & I love it.

From wearing this set several times, the only negative I have observed is that the band stretched out quicker than I had expected. I’m wearing it on the middle row of hooks now for the best fit. Also, I noticed the adjusters on the shoulder straps tend to slide a little through the day. Not a great deal, but enough to need to readjust before wearing again. 

Joanna comes with a matching thong which is as equally elegant & ridiculously comfortable! Again, be sure to ask about sizing before ordering, as I had to size up in this too.

In conclusion, I am delighted to own this set & will definitely be getting it in more colours! 

From www.polkadotbra.ca


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