Rebecca Jones – Custom Bralette & XXL Knickers

Sweet Comfy Goodness

What set do you choose when your day calls for comfort? Sometimes all I want is super soft, non wired, hand made lingerie!

Generally speaking, underwires are my favourite thing. With a bust the size of mine I demand support & lift. I expect my bust to look a certain way under clothing & I can only achieve that desired look with wires. From puberty up until the age of 25 I lived in underwire 24/7 (yes, I even slept in wired bras!) The only thing the broke my obsession with wires was preparing for the birth of my son & then breastfeeding. 

Once he weaned & I was able to wear wires again I finally understood that feeling when women would tell of the glorious moment they finish the day & can take the bra off. I now enjoy slipping into something more comfortable for bed or to lounge in around the house. A year after weaning my baby I am still wearing my maternity bras because they’re so comfortable. I’ve seen a million bralettes grace my IG feed & in every other online store I look at, but knew the standard S, M, L, XL sizing of them would never cut it.

Then in comes one of my IG lingerie friends who showed me her two favourite velvet sets from Rebecca Jones, one of which was made to measure. 

I sent my enquiry through & Rebecca agreed to take on the challenge of fitting these boobs into a bralette! 

Here’s how our little journey went:

Initially I requested the same design as what my friend owned, just with bigger cups. This had just a single hook fastener, small rings & used thinner elastic. Once I received it, it was evident that I needed much more help to hold these boobs in place. 

Without hesitation Rebecca made me another one, free of charge, which better catered to me needs. A tighter band, bigger cups, wider elastic & 3 rows of fasteners. This was a huge improvement & much better suited to my needs. 

We all know how soft & stretchy velvet is, so even though I measure 32 inches around the band, this band measures 26 inches to allow for the stretch. The cups fit well & offer good coverage. The wider elastic means the shoulder straps sit comfortably & don’t dig in. 

With stretchy velvet we must remember that it will give your bust a different shape & different amount of support that you would get from other fabrics, being that it is so soft. I think that softness is wonderful though. It makes it perfect for lounging around the house in. Overall I am very happy with my first ever bralette, but if you’ve got any questions about it, please feel free to leave me a comment.

The matching knickers I ordered straight off the size chart & they fit wonderfully. Like the bralette, they are beautifully made & feel magnificent against the skin. 

If you don’t yet own any velvet lingerie, I highly recommend you get some!


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