Panache – Hettie – 10H & 16

Purple Passion

Today I’m wearing Hettie as I’m curled up on the couch trying to hide from the cold & windy Winters day. We know lingerie can do a lot to boost our self confidence, but I find it also helps my mood, which today I am even more grateful for.

So, let’s take a closer look at why the Hettie bra makes me feel good.

Firstly, we all know I’m a little bit obsessed with bold colours, so I was immediately drawn to this purple/lilac combo. I already bought Hettie in the blue/teal colours & know how great it fits, so there was no doubt in my mind that this would be no different.

The fabrics used are what gives Hettie the edge over other recent designs. Most often Panache will use a printed fabric or floral lace, but here instead of using a subtle mesh to line the cups they’ve opted for a bold lining covered by a sheer overlay with polka dot cutouts. This is a great effect & really makes the coloured lining pop through. This paired with the unique scalloped polka dot lace on the upper section of the cups is what makes the design so appealing to me.

Wearing this bra on a daily basis is a delight. At first glance it’s looks like this would be a heavy fabric, but in reality it is so light. The lace & mesh are very lightweight, and the fabric used on the band & knickers is so incredibly smooth. This means you get maximum coverage & support with minimal discomfort. 

Panache are truely the comfort masters! They create so many bras which are that comfortable you forget you’ve got if on. No fiddling or readjusting throughout the day, no wires digging in or having the band fold under the bottom of the wires. Their bras are the total package!

Sadly, these briefs do not live up to this same great standard. While they are gorgeous to see & touch, they don’t work too well with the shape of my booty. They just ride up my butt so darn quick. I couldn’t wear them for the whole day because they were driving me crazy. The polka dot front panel is cute & I love how the scallop lace looks, but I just cannot handle uncomfortable knickers! 

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

One thought on “Panache – Hettie – 10H & 16

  1. I love Panache’s swimwear. Glad to know they have a good bra too!

    I have the same problem with panties: the bras are fab but they make “cute” undies that fit horribly and don’t last long. Boo.

    Thanks for the share!!

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