Panache – Penny – 10J & XL

Prepare for Penny!

No, it wasn’t love at first sight. Penny took a bit of time to warm up to, but I’m so glad I put my ego aside & committed to this set.

As most of you know, I often don’t cast my glance very far when it comes to lingerie shopping in store. I know my size. I know the brands I like. I see bright colours & bold prints. I shop from there. But my last visit in store was different. I knew I needed to get fitted professionally, so I went straight to the assistant & asked her to choose some items for me to try. Instead of choosing based on colour & print (like I would), the fitter chose what she thought would work best for my shape & size.

Into the change room came Penny. A Panache bra I had never tried on before. Why? Well my first impressions were that she was a bit plain. I’m not going to lie. My brain immediately put her in the “grandma bra” category before I even had a good look at her. This is probably why she has been overlooked in the past.

I tried on Penny, looked in the mirror & wasn’t a fan. My first impression was that the knickers sat too low, the colour was too plain, & I looked like a grandma. I ummed & arrrred in the change room before showing the bra fitter. When she looked at me her eyes genuinely lit up. She checked the fit, adjusted the straps & gave me a big smile. She showed me how Penny is a wonderful fit for my body & pointed out to me all the beautiful features I had overlooked.

Needless to say, this set came home with me. And yes, best decision ever!

I’m not going to tell you exactly how many days straight I wore this bra for, because you’ll probably think I’m gross, but seriously, that is a testament to how great this bra is! As most of us know, new bras need some time & a few washes to get settled in & be really comfortable. But not Penny. I wore her on the first day for 15 hours straight with NO discomfort! None! (How is that even possible?)

Maybe because it’s a full cup bra? Or I was just too busy to notice? Either way. It’s a winner!

Ok. So let’s talk for a minute about the construction. Penny is a classic full cup bra. The cups are made with a lined power mesh for support & has a decorative upper cup section. The mesh used here is not stretchy & does not conform to the shape of your body. It does however have this beautiful floral embroidery, which is my favourite feature of this set. It looks so sophisticated & delicate, yet feels sturdier than many other Panache designs. I love that they have also used this embroidery on the gore.

The cups are made like a stand full cup bra with four sections which are lined & have side slings for a supported & uplifted fit. The angled & vertical seams (which you see) do all the hard work. They create this wonderful shape & keep everything where it’s meant to be!

The shoulder straps are fully adjustable & super soft. Bonus points, if I ever need a spare ring which attaches the straps to the band, I’ve got one! Somehow I never noticed there was a bonus ring on my right shoulder strap. Only once I was reviewing my pics did I see it. Winning!

As I said at the outset, my initial thoughts of the briefs is that they sat a bit low. Which is true. With the way my tummy is at the moment, I prefer a higher cut brief, but that is just my personal preference. Not a design fault. These genuinely are beautiful knickers. I love the embroidered mesh panels on the front & that the fabric lays smoothly against my butt. They are very comfortable to wear, even if my tummy hangs out a little bit.

And you know what, even if you do think this is a Grandma bra. I know I’ll be the most sophisticated & sexy grandma on the block!

Fitted at & from: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

Bonus ring, zoom in on the right strap:

2 thoughts on “Panache – Penny – 10J & XL

  1. This is a nice fit on you! Congrats. Sometimes I like to get out of my comfort zone and just ask for recommendations from the fitter. It’s really is a great way to find something you would otherwise overlook. I feel the same way about the rise on bottoms. I like when brands offer one or two styles in briefs so I’m more likely to buy the set 🙂 Totally bummed when the only match to my favorite bra is a little skimpy in front coverage for me.


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