Wellfitting – Doggo Set – 32M & XL (US sizing)

Puppy Love

Here we are again. Another review & another very unique set which has just been added to my collection.

When it comes to lingerie sets, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen dogs on a bra. Some people may say it is a bold move, but this is the type of quirky lingerie I would love to wear, but have never had the opportunity to.

My buddy Niamh (aka H Cup Chronicles) was the one who first introduced me to this brand. She posted a picture on IG of herself wearing the most incredible unicorn lingerie set I had ever laid eyes on & I needed to get in on the action.

First thing I did was go to the Wellfitting website to have a look around. This was a mistake. I instantly knew that this brand was one I’d get addicted to. Let me give you some example as to why. Their slogan is “Bras that Unleash Your Superpowers”. Uh. Yes please! Then, when you go to browse the online store by category, these are some of the options to choose from: Basic, Printed, or Colourful bras. I’ve said it many times before & I will say it again, bold colours & prints are what draw me in every time! I was presented with print options like cats, dogs & unicorns. To be able to browse their range by this made me so happy! Next, if you’re nervous like me about converting your normal size to US or EU? There is a tool at the bottom of the page where you punch in your measurements & it recommends the two best sizing options for you, depending on whether you like a comfy or snug fit. They literally couldn’t make the shopping process any easier!

So here it is, my second ever Polish made bra. And you guessed it, the shape & fit is amazing! Those ladies really know how to make nice bras. You can notice small differences between this design & other brands I wear regularly, which makes the Polish designers stand out. It is as if they have discovered how to make large breasts defy gravity. I tried to research how they do it, and this is the best explanation I could find:

“Compared with British brands for full bust, the bras made in Poland often offer deeper cups and more forward projection.”

Personally I have found the wires are narrower too. This combination works wonders for my bust, as you can see here. Take a look at that lift! There is no moulding, padding or chicken fillets in here. Just a bra which offers a wonderful shape.

The cups are made from a fabric called Simplex, which is a sturdy & doesn’t stretch. It shapes the breasts & does all the heavy lifting. Just one single layer is used on this bra. This has been paired with a super soft lace with elastic edging. This combination of fabrics work so well together to contain big boobs. The lower section shapes & lifts, then the lace sits gently on top to hold everything in. You can see in the pictures that my right breast is trying to escape, but this is not a flaw of their design. It is that I gained weight (& a cup size) between the time I sent them my measurements & the time that the bra arrived. My left breast is a true H cup & you can see that the fit is perfect.

The rest of the bra is pretty standard. Cute bow details, fully adjustable shoulder straps & the sweetest little charm on the gore!

The knickers continue with the same details & matching bows. Here the front panel is the exact same non stretch fabric as the cups, but is lined with mesh for comfort. Seriously, these knickers are the most comfortable! Usually I wear my bra sets mismatched for day to day wear & the knickers just stay hanging in my wardrobe, but these will probably get worn more than the bra! The are a basic mesh full brief & fit my booty like a dream. No digging in, riding up or muffin top. They are a delight to wear!

I highly recommend!

The ladies from Wellfitting have also hooked me up with a discount for my followers! For 10% off enter this code at checkout: Busty_Diaries10

Or click here: http://wellfitting.refr.cc/bonniev

From: www.wellfitting.com

One thought on “Wellfitting – Doggo Set – 32M & XL (US sizing)

  1. You look AMAZING and it was so nice to see what the lingerie looks like on someone a little closer to my body type than the (of course lovely, no hate!) thin models.


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