Panache – Envy – 10J & XL

Envy Revisited

This is my 3rd Envy set. Tried & tested, I have always been a fan. Here is an excerpt from my last review of this design which I posted about a year ago:

“Envy fits true to size. The fabric of the cups is nice & firm, which makes me feel secure & supported. The shape is great & suits my figure just right! A standout feature for me is the soft elastic lace at the top of the cups. It sits beautifully against my skin & does not gape in any areas. The softness of the lace compliments the pattern on the lower sections of the cups beautifully. This design is also mirrored onto the briefs which again, are ridiculously comfortable.”

This time I have the set in a 10J & whilst these comments still ring true, I have noticed some slight changes.

I clearly have bigger boobs now & it’s especially obvious when I look back at the photos from my previous posts. The bra looks very different on me. I really liked that it gave full coverage, but this time although the fit is good, it doesn’t seem to be covering me as much? Am I now more full on top?

Another note I made is that this bra took so much longer to break in. I still cannot wear it for 12+ hours without pain. The band size is good, it is actually the seams at the bottom of the cups & the lace on the gore which is causing my discomfort. By the end of the day the lace has rolled under & the wires are digging into my skin. I will include photos from the first time I wore it to show just how much it cut in.

And my larger boob is trying to sneak (ever so slightly) over the top of the cups.

All of these things genuinely saddens me. I love Envy! I always have! But she’s just not working in my favour for wearing it for long periods of time…

Maybe I need to be refitted again?

Do you have any advice?

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

For nostalgic purposes I have included some old pics of my 10H’s too.

October 2016

June 2016

(My boobs look so small!!)

5 thoughts on “Panache – Envy – 10J & XL

  1. The straps are probably too wide on you now you’ve had to go for a bigger cup size, so the bra sinks as it’s not getting as much pull back onto your chest – this means you get less coverage at the top, and it starts to pop on your fuller side. Also, as it sinks, it’ll sit lower on you, so it’ll dig in uncomfortably where the bra shouldn’t be sitting. As well, now that the cups are bigger, the bra will be longer from the top to the bottom, so it could now just might not be able to sit up as high as you want it. This, coupled with the straps being slightly too wide-set, could mean it’s just gonna sink.

    People always underestimate the power of a strap positioning! The band provides most of the support (As you know), but if the straps are wrong, the cups won’t be able to sit as you’d want them too. Hope this helps (and makes sense). x

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