The Official #PositivelyGlittered Story!

Positively Glittered

If a year ago you told me that pictures of myself & my friends would be going viral all over the world, I don’t think I would have believed you.

What started out as a fun way to spend the afternoon, has turned into a whirlwind adventure of self discovery, body positivity & glitter for us all.

The amount of love & support that has been shown to us within our local community & all over the world has been overwhelming. We cannot thank you enough!

So, to celebrate the images from our fourth Positively Glittered shoot going viral, we have decided to share our stories with you & answer some of your frequently asked questions.

November 12, 2016

Our first shoot was the brain child of @nipnipss. She told us all of her wonderful idea & previous attempts to adorn herself in glitter. We booked in a date & began experimenting. Within a few weeks we had created our sparkly body paint recipe!

On the day we had @takemymoneylingerie, @the_love_of_a, @rhapsody_in_rapture, @nipnipss, @blueskieslingerie, @busty_diaries & @sometimesiunderwear. We all assembled in the backyard & after filling ourselves with delicious food & drink we stripped off & glittered up!

Being our first large scale attempt we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but to our delight the paint mixture worked amazingly! We had enough glitter to cover 4 whole bodies & 3 from the waist up.

For me personally, although I had spent time around these girls before, I was still self conscious about my body. And I was not the only one. But when surrounded by the joy of rubbing glitter on your body & the unconditional support & positivity of those around you, all the fear & doubt melts away.

“This is exactly how a day should be spent. With friends, laughter and a lot of food! There is also something pretty magical about the bond we have. Women of all shapes and sizes, who all have parts of our bodies that we aren’t too keen on… coming together and encouraging each other to love what you have got. Because we are ALL beautiful.” -nipnipss

“I did a thing… I met up with 6 incredibly rad women from different walks of life whom I had only met on the interwebs, got naked, ate cheese, talked smack, covered each other in glitter & took photos. I had no idea that they were EXACTLY what I needed. Damn, it felt good.” -rhapsody_in_rapture

Before we had even finished washing off, we were already planning another event! We wanted that feeling again!

January 15, 2017

In this spirit of being bigger & better than before, we took glitter on the road & recruited some photographers to join in the fun. @bella.shameless, @nipnipss, @roseanna.mae, @the_love_of_a, @pennysterlingsyd & @blueskieslingerie were joined by @nocturne_images, @contraryphoto & @plbee.

After posting pictures of this shoot on Instagram, it wasn’t long before we were contacted by Cosmo in the USA, wanting to share our story. This is where the media frenzy began!

The images were showcasing that we can proudly celebrate bodies of all shapes & sizes.

“This little critter crawled out of bed at 2:30am to make her way to splendid Fingal Beach with a group of amazing people. What started as a terrible storm eased off just enough for us to get our glitter on and in front of the camera. Gosh it was fun even with the rain. We climbed rocks, rolled around in the sand and laughed like crazy.” -the_love_of_a

“Say what you will about us parading around in nothing but glitter. But it only strengthens the connections that we have together as females and amazing friends. It is something that is hard to understand until you do it. It isn’t easy for all of us to whip our clothes off in front of a bunch of people. But these is a feeling of such love and acceptance. Definitely something I would recommend everyone do a couple of times in their life.” -nipnipss

We knew we needed to host another shoot!

April 1, 2017

We put the call out to our close friends to see who would like to join in the next shoot & the interest was overwhelming! So many beautiful women of all different ages, shapes, upbringings & careers came to frolic with us around the beautiful countryside.

We had @rhapsody_in_rapture, @pennysterlingsyd, @roseanna.mae, @bella.shameless, @ephemeralinterest, @the_love_of_a, @confessions_of_a_gcup, @sometimesiunderwear, @takemymoneylingerie, @blueskieslingerie, @busty_diaries, @kittenlebow, @miss.bunnypenny, @purplehazygirl & @nipnipss photographed by @jillkerswillphoto.

We also wore sparkly pasties made by @amberandindigo.

To see so many unique bodies with unique differences all being celebrated together was such an overwhelmingly positive experience in my life. At no time was anyone made to feel ashamed or burdened by any part of who they are. We all raised each other up!

“Don’t mind us, just conga-lining off to a magical sparkly place filled with glitter and unicorns!” -blueskieslingerie

“There is nothing sweeter than running around & being positive while bathed in glitter. No egos. No judgement. Just pure joy.” -busty_diaries

“I’ve been in fully clothed family situations that have made me feel more self conscious and nervous. This celebration of friendship and freedom is something I will remember forever.” -ephemeralinterest

“Of each other’s shape, size, age, walk of life, culture, history – we care not! We care about bodies, about the importance of body positivity & women supporting women. On this day we celebrated all that is our beautiful, unique bodies.” -rhapsody_in_rapture

“A lot of people looked on our glitter shoot last time around calling for diversity – believe me, all are welcome here. Get in touch. We are just a group of like minded friends from Australia and this is who we are, in all our dorky glory. Some were saying that women shouldn’t be stripping off their clothes to make a point about body positivity, some judged our motives and some even judged our intelligence. You do you. I’m doing me. I give people things to talk about and I’m not stopping.” -pennysterlingsyd

“It was so amazing to be able to join this group of incredible and unique women to glitter up and strip down and appreciate the beauty in ever different body.” -miss.bunnypenny

“Yesterday feels like a dream. The best kind of sparkly dream ever. I didn’t feel self conscious or scared but entirely free and beautiful frolicking in the countryside with 14 other glitter babes.” -takemymoneylingerie

“It’s not everyday something like this gets to happen, so when it did, for some reason, it took me a long while to come to the realisation that “hey, we’re all naked!” And it was pretty cool how natural and normal it all felt. The epitome of feeling so comfortable in the skin we’re in.” -sometimesiunderwear

“I was surrounded by women taking ownership of their bodies. Creating unique coats of rainbow glitter and walking out into the sun. Our sparkling shells did not hide our shape, or tone, muscle or bone, lumps, bumps or jiggle. But they became beautiful seen in new light. Not a flaw, just part of our form. Although no two bodies were alike, we felt unified. We were part of something bigger than ourselves. I hope more women find the courage to join us on this journey. I would love to see even more diversity in our community. If you don’t see yourself reflected here, please know that you can be the first. You will be welcomed with open arms. You can sit with us.” -kittenlebow

What do we do next?

September 24, 2017

Time for a road trip! After rewatching the iconic Aussie film, Priscilla Queen of the Desert we decided it was time to take this show on the road! Off into outback QLD we drove with our tubs of glitter, feather boas & elaborate costumes in hand. I don’t think the locals knew what to think when we rolled into town.

We had @purplehazygirl, @confessions_of_a_gcup, @roseanna.mae, @nipnipss, @busty_diaries & @blueskieslingerie photographed by @jillkerswillphoto & @wattshianne.

“Watching women in their most vulnerable state relax into their own skin, seeing strangers become sisters, is something I wish everyone could experience. Seeing these women so comfortable and free in their own skin has really helped me to deal with a lot of my own hang-ups. I no longer care about my cellulite or my flabby tummy. Those things can’t hurt me! Why worry about something that has absolutely no baring on who I am or what I can achieve? I get so tired of how women I photograph apologizing for their cellulite or scars or flabby bits. Your body does amazing things! It carries you through everything you achieve, it bears your children and without it you wouldn’t exist. Praise it! Appreciate it! Love it for every bump and bruise!” -jillkerswillphoto

“There is nothing more freeing than getting naked with these beautiful ladies and running around together with no judgement, only encouragement and acceptance. I wasn’t planning on doing any photo work with the bump but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to frolic with these women I on here during our last glitter adventure who I now call close friends!! I also didn’t know if I’d be shy about my new baby body but within minutes of reacquainting myself and catching up, the shyness melted away…” -purplehazygirl

“I never feel like I have the resources to fully express how much I love the Positivity Glittered events. We bring together girls from different backgrounds, who would never normally meet, and have a smashing day full of glitter, snacks, fun and photos! I’m blessed to be in a group of women who bring each other up, who have the best sense of humour, and also enjoy getting naked and covering ourselves in glitter.” -roseanna.mae

“Look at our faces. They’re the look of comfort, the look of happiness, the look of joy. Our smiles are showing acceptance in ourselves, acceptance in each other, acceptance in how we are and others perceive our bodies. On this day I was comfortable, comfortable in my skin, comfortable in my body, flaws and all but nevertheless I was comfortable.”-confessions_of_a_gcup

With heartfelt comments like this, it is clear to see that we are doing good things & we will continue to host these events.

Our next photoshoot is being planned as we speak with over 20 participants, which will be our biggest yet! We are also taking expressions of interest for future shoots all around Australia, so please get in contact with us if you’d like us to go on tour.

Now for the fun stuff – your questions.

What’s the paint made from? Is it safe?

We use a homemade recipe of glitter & aloe. These are body safe items, but are not to be ingested. We take extra care when applying to delicate areas, around piercings & broken skin.

Glitter is the herpes of the craft world. Why would you put that on your body?

For the pure joy of it!

Won’t it stick to you forever?

Surprisingly no. The bulk of it comes off quite easily. We remove the glitter dry. It isn’t a speedy process, but it is the best way to be done. We do NOT recommend washing glitter down the drain.

Do you get glitter in your vagina?

A little bit, yes. You also get a glittery butt crack.

Why aren’t you using a more diverse range of bodies?

We photograph whoever wants to be involved. We have not intentionally excluded any race, body type or ability from our shoots. If you see that you aren’t represented, please join us.

Can you host a shoot in my city?

We would love to take Positively Glittered on the road! If there is enough interest, we will make it happen. Please let us know where you’d like us to shoot next.

What is the body glittering process like?

It’s nothing fancy. We apply the glitter body paint with our own hands. The colour choices & placements are spontaneous.

Who is in charge?

Myself, @nipnipss & @roseanna.mae work as an amazing team. We coordinate the photographers, organise shoot locations, make the body paint, handle interviews & social media accounts.

Why do you recommend Positively Glittered?

There is no other feeling like it!

For even more pictures & stories from our adventure, be sure to follow @PositivelyGlittered on Instagram or search #positivelyglittered.

Thank you!

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