Panache Swim – Leila – 12J & L

Summer Styling!

Hooray! It’s finally starting to feel like Summer here in Brisbane. So, as the Summer months rapidly approach, its time to talk swimwear!

Wearing bikinis is still a pretty new thing for me. For most of my life I’ve stuck to one piece suits. I remember being in my early teens visiting the coast on a family holiday. My mum took me to buy a Seafolly bikini because at the time they were the only brand we knew that would fit my (at the time) E cup boobs. Even tho we were able to find something which fit well, & I wore a lot, I would still always wear a singlet over the top. Never at all in my memory can I remember a time wearing a 2 piece suit before 2016 without a shirt over the top.

Now here I am, 28 years old, rocking my chubby mum body & not giving a damn.

To celebrate that, I will be spending my summer in this pretty little number. Leila from Panache.

I’m going to come straight out & say, I’m not overly strict when it comes to a getting an absolutely perfect fit in swimwear. I’m often content with “close enough is good enough” since I won’t be wearing it 24/7 & frankly, I just want to look good. I also prefer my swim tops to have the band a little looser than I would usually wear, for extra comfort. (Unless of course we’re talking about halter bikinis. They need to be fitting perfectly to save your neck from all that weight!)

I opted for a size 12 band & the fit is sensational. It’s tight enough to hold everything in place, but doesn’t dig in anywhere. The cups for perfectly & the wires do not dig in. Yes, that’s right, comfortable swimmers WITH wires!

This style is a balconnet bikini, which is pretty much a balconnet bra made in swimwear fabric. The 3 piece cups are constructed from lined power mesh & do not have any foam inserts. (Hooray for not having wet foam strapped to your boobs!) The fabric does stretch a little more once wet, but the power mesh keeps everything in place & supported. The adjusters on the shoulder straps also stay in place.

Now to my favourite part: These swim bottoms! I’m not going to lie, I think I love them even more than the top. They are magical. Usually I wear a size 16 (XL) in bottoms & would never entertain the idea of going down to a 14 (L), but since my size was sold out I had no other option. I was genuinely surprised when these fit so well. They sit securely against my body & do not ride up. They offer full bum coverage & have some amazing tummy transforming powers. I love the mid rise, since it’s not entirely a high waister, but it rises high enough to cover up & support my jiggly tummy. And most importantly, I feel confident wearing them!

Now I’m on the hunt for a long sun shirt or sun dress in turquoise to wear with it. As you may have noticed, I’m not great with fashion. So if you’ve got any recommendations, please let me know.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

Special thanks to Curvy Sam for taking these pool pics for me too! Check out her blog:

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