Etched – Maya & Misha – 32G & L

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I always get excited butterflies in my tummy when a brand approaches me & asks me to test out a new product. Especially one I’ve never worn before! Being able to test new things & potentially help someone else find a great fitting set is what makes me the happiest.

Ordering online internationally is the only part which gives me a bit of anxiety. So, like usual I looked at the size conversion chart, give up & emailed my measurements directly to them. I know it may sound like extra work, but most brands actually prefer you do that instead of the hassle of you have to post things back & forward overseas.

Here I have been fitting in their 32G bra & large pants. For reference my measurements are underbust 33″ & 44” bust.

Theoretically their 32G cup should fit, but my big right breast had other ideas! I was tempted to return it for a 34G, but since the band fits so well I didn’t want to compromise it’s support in order to fit my fuller side. A 32H would have been ideal, but currently Etched are only manufacturing cup sizes E – G. Please keep this in mind when looking at the images. Yes, I know the cups are too small.

Today I would like to focus more on the design, manufacturing quality & comfort of the set as a whole.

The very first thing I noticed when opening the package was the note from Ellana which included a fit guide. This idea is genius. It clearly explains how she recommends putting on your bra & how it should sit on your body.

Etched have designed their bras to sit lower down your back than most bras. It feels surprisingly comfortable & doesn’t ride up while wearing. The band is made from angled panels & has in it 6 sections of light weight boning between each of the panels. The angled band is what I think sets them apart from other designs, & that the first panel of the band (closest to the cups) is also lined in a non stretch power mesh. The band does get softer & stretchier as you get closer to the hooks, which makes getting all four hook & eye closures done up a bit easier.

The five part cup (yep, that’s right, 5) is not lined & doesn’t have any padding. The lower four panels are a non stretch fabric, which is contrasted by the soft stretch lace on the upper cup. This design works well to support you, yet provides flexibility to mould to your natural breast shape.

What interested me the most though was the wires. They are the most flexible wires I have ever felt. They didn’t feel uncomfortable, but more intriguing. For example, the wires tack well at the gore, yet I could flex them outwards by several inches. I’ll include a picture to show you what I mean.

The accompanying Misha pants are divine. It hurts my OCD that the lace on the waist band doesn’t exactly match the lace on the bra, but in saying that, they are delightful to wear. They are so soft, so flattering, hold in my tummy and don’t ride up my butt.

This new brand is worth checking out!

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