Daily Knickers

My Daily Knickers

You might be wondering what I wear on a daily basis. Obviously I have lots of matching lingerie sets, but I like to wear a bra more than once before it goes into the wash. So, what do I wear when I mix & match?

Here’s a highlight of a few Aussie brands I love & frequently wear:

Silent Arrow

True Rad Girl Hi-Waist – 16

Off Duty Boyleg – 14

Want to support some rad gals making positive change? These are the ones to get behind! For every item you purchase, they donate a pair of cotton knickers to women in need. It’s such a basic item that we take for granted, but are needed in shelters all around Australia!




Carrie – XL

Donna – XXL

The most iconic handmade Australian lingerie label to date. Their pieces are perfect for dressing up or staying casual & comfy. All pieces are handmade in Melbourne to the highest quality. You definitely get what you pay for.




Black Hearts Club – XL

Classic High Waist – Custom

Lacegrenade is an amazing one woman show. Not only does she single handedly make every piece herself, to your specific measurements, she does it in style! Her range is modern, funky, practical, and available in any size.



Pop Pop Lingerie

I have had these knickers for so long & have worn them so many times, I have actually forgotten what these are called!

Pop Pop is again, a one woman show. I’m in awe of this lady, not only does she make cute lingerie, she does it at home while raising her two young boys. I’m in awe of her time management as well as her style!


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