Panache – Kayla – 12J & XXL

New Tricks

Would you believe it? I have another new bra! Desperate times called for desperate measures, & my two most recent purchases have been size 12J. My perfectly fitting 10J’s which I only got a few months ago, have started to be too firm in the band & cause me discomfort.

So, back I go to Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, crying about my band being too small & asking them to make it better. As always, the fitters there come to my aid & pointed me in the right direction.

This time I tried on Kayla, which is a style I have never owned before. My initial impression was that she is like Jasmine’s cooler sister. Similar feel & design, but a bit funkier with a more modern style. Then upon learning it’s from the Cleo by Panache range, it all made sense. Kayla IS Jasmine’s cooler sister.

Kayla is similar to Jasmine in so many ways, so instead of telling you what they have in common, I thought I’d tell you what makes them different!

Kayla has a narrower band, which only uses two rows of hooks to close. Yep. You read that right, only two. I’m so use to doing up 3 or 4 rows that when I first put it on I thought I’d missed something. Does the narrower band mean less support? Not in my opinion. Since the band is still quite wide around the sides & only narrows towards the middle of the back, I haven’t noticed it feeling any different to wider backs, only when doing it up.

Kayla’s straps feel like they’re set wider apart. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve moved from a size 10 band to a 12, or if it’s just this design, but the first few times I wore it I was very aware that the straps sat wider on my back.

Kayla’s cups are made from 3 sections, unlike Jasmine’s 4, but still gives a very uplifted & forward projecting shape.

The biggest point of difference would be the briefs. Being aimed at the younger market the Kayla briefs are low rise & a cheeky cut. While Jasmine has multiple brief options to suit your personal preference.

All in all, Kayla is a fun & very comfortable set. I have worn it relentlessly over the past few months & she has definitely held up to the test!

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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