Panache – Thea – 10K & 18

At Last

The time has finally come. We got a Thea to fit me!

Thea & I have had an on again/off again relationship for many years. I’d think she was beautiful & she would just respond by making me look like I had 1 standard looking breast, 1 triangular breast & a bonus 3rd breast near my right armpit. I would forget about her for a few months at a time, then see a cute new design & try again, always with no success.

I went to a fitting & was shown this beautiful bra. I quickly declined trying it on, because I knew she wouldn’t play nice. Once I told my story to the fitter, she nodded with understanding & asked if I could test out a theory she had. (I obliged, of course.) She popped back with this Thea in size 10K & asked me to trust her.

Now for those playing along at home, I began this account as a size 10H, then I was a 10J, & now a 12J. It took me a while to process the idea of being a J cup, since this is the largest my breasts have ever been. Now she walks in with a K! I’m not gunna lie, the look I gave her clearly showed I wasn’t impressed. But this was a trust exercise, so I had to give it a go. I fully understand how sister sizing works & that 10K is 12J’s sister & that’s all great, I just wasn’t mentally prepared to be this far into the alphabet.

Anyway, back to the story.

I tried on Thea in 10K & it disabled all of her bizarre breast warping powers. While the cup is a little bit big on my smaller breast, generally speaking, the fit is amazing!

She is made from only 3 section cups, 2 of which are a laminated non stretch fabric. This is what think created the odd breast shape for me. The upper section is a soft mesh which is printed & embroidered & also lined with a black stretch mesh. This keeps the top of the cups looking similar to the lower sections & not super contrasty or sheer like many of their other styles.

The shape it gives, when fitted properly is a very lifted, front & centre looking bust. It feels like a true balconnet which is all about forward projection. The side view of this bra really says it all. Look at that lift!

The briefs offer great butt coverage & are mid to low rise. I love the inclusion of the printed & embroidered mesh from the bra being used on the briefs, without the additional lining. It draws more attention to that beautiful embroidery which gets lost on the cups.

As is always my biggest gripe with Panache is that the back of this set is boring. But, I can deal with that when the front is so cute.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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