Panache – Olivia – 10J & 16

Blue for you…

It had been a long time since I’d worn my beloved pink Olivia. I got her two years ago & was surprised by how much I enjoyed wearing a bra with such full coverage. It wasn’t as daggy as I’d anticipated her to look & the fit was wonderful.

Sadly bright pink Olivia moved to the “too small” section of my wardrobe with several other beauties. But the Olivia drought has ended. She’s back again. New size, new colour, same great fit!

I love that unlike almost every other Panache design, the embroidered print & pattern are continued all the way around the bra band & briefs. Small details like this make the set more appealing to me. The new dark blue colour brings more sophistication than previous colours & to top it off – this time I have matching knickers!

Let’s talk about the construction of the bra, she is a balconette made up of three section cups, two of which are lined with a non stretch mesh. The upper section is also lined, but the fabrics have a wonderful amount of stretch in them & together they offer a wonderful amount of support. The wires on this design do sit a bit higher up than other styles I wear, but not high enough to cause discomfort or digging in at the gore.

The shoulder straps are soft & comfortable, yet this time around I found that they began to fold in on themselves after a couple of wears. When looking closely at the strap you can see sewn into the middle is a dotted line of embroidery which seems to encourage the strap to fold on itself. I do have significant shoulder dints though & perhaps that’s a contributing factor?

The matching deep brief is too cute for words. The embroidered polka dot & floral pattern continued all the way around the mesh brief & is a treat to be seen. In a bold choice, they are almost entirely see through, except for a small panel in the front. This is a very attractive design, but a little more difficult to photograph. They sit beautifully on the body & are great to wear everyday!

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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