Elomi – Kelly – 12J & 18

Light up my life…

We all know the a highlight in my year was seeing Elomi lingerie expanding their size range to accommodate band sizes smaller than a AU14 (UK 36). Firstly they started with the smaller bands in 1 or 2 designs, but now there are several options available for those whose size is 10GG or bigger! This is a great decision & combine that with their fun new designs, they really are making great changes in the full bust market at the moment.

My newest fun design is Kelly in Jungle Print.

I don’t have a great amount of knowledge about Elomi, since I’d been out of their size range for so long, but I am told that Kelly is based on the popular Matilda plunge bra who starts at size 14DD. So Kelly is a great alternative for those who need a smaller band, but want a very supportive plunge bra. But to be honest, the colours are what caught my attention the most. Those greens & pops of bright pink are the reason I tried her on.

Upon putting her on it was clear that her & I were meant to be! The fit works beautifully with my shape & gives me all the support that a bust this size demands. A good plunge bra is essential to have & this is the one I will be recommending to everyone.

The cups are constructed in 4 sections. All of which are sheer. The printed tulle is so light to wear, but is still strong enough to hold the weight of my bust since the lower sections of the cups & the band are all lined with a strong power mesh lining. This white lining really makes the colours of the print pop too.

While the upper section of the cups is not elasticated, there is a piece of elastic sewn to the top scalloped edge, which holds you perfectly in place. The embroidered edge adds another dimension to the design & doesn’t cause any skin irritation.

The plunge design lifts & separates the bust, while keeping your boobs fully contained. No cleavage sticking together or falling out when you bend over.

For added versatility there is also a J hook & loop on the shoulder straps so you can wear them as a racer back too if desired.

Disappointingly though, when I’m wearing the shoulder straps straight, the edge of the J hook digs into my skin & I need to slide them around to the front of the straps (where they meet the upper section of the cup) to prevent the pain. The idea of cutting the off did cross my mind, but I like the versatility of being able to have them racer back, so I’ve left them on.

Another thing to note is that the band did stretch quickly. I’m a size 12 band at the moment & the 12 felt great when I got it, but after a few weeks it’s stretched so much I have already moved to the second row of hooks. Hopefully it will stay as it is & not stretch any further.

The mid rise briefs are very comfortable & true to size. They are just as sheer, but have an added panel of fabric in the front for contrast.

Overall, a wonderful set to wear!

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore www.brastogo.com.au

2 thoughts on “Elomi – Kelly – 12J & 18

    1. Hi Joanna,
      Great question. That was one of the first things I noticed when first trying Elomi again. In this style they aren’t too wide. They do definitely sit differently to Panache, but not in a bad way. I adjusted to them very quickly.


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