Curvy Kate – Victory – 12J

I am victorious.

That’s right, Victory is mine!

This is my first ever Curvy Kate bra that fits. (I don’t know if you saw it on my Instagram, I do own Tease, however the fit is all wrong. Feel free to take a look HERE ) So, although it’s not my first ever purchase, it is the first one I’ve actually been able to wear. That still counts right?

Why did I choose Victory? I was seeing it pop up on my feed all the time. I’d heard it was a new design & I needed to test it out, especially after my failed attempt with Tease I didn’t want to rule out the brand based on just one set.

The bra is Curvy Kate’s first to feature four section cups. The three lower sections are constructed from a double layer of black mesh, while the upper panel is just a single layer of soft mesh with an elastic edge. The lined panels are not rigid & have a small amount of stretch to them. This design gives you a little bit of room & flexibility for fluctuations in breast size, while still holding your bust securely. The sizing runs true to what I know as an accurate 12J. The mesh band has a fair amount of stretch in it & doesn’t restrict too much.

One of the most prominent features of this design is that triangular cut out in the gore. It is a fun feature which also drew me to the appearance of Victory. The cut out doesn’t appear to affect functionality of the bra (that I’ve noticed), it doesn’t wear any differently to a standard gore & is a comfortable to have on all day.

Time for the bad news. The shoulder straps. If they were better designed, it would be a 10/10 bra for functionality. But the straps do let this beautiful bra down. The elastic feels cheap & thin. On my body, the straps fold in on themselves & dig into me. The wide strap ends up looking like a spaghetti string after a few hours & it hurts. I’ve tried to look around the internet to see if I’m the only one who has this problem but I’m struggling to find reviews. It breaks my heart because this really is a fantastic bra & feels wonderful on the body. Has anyone else worn this bra & found that? Please let me know.

From My Milla

2 thoughts on “Curvy Kate – Victory – 12J

  1. Wow, this is gorgeous on you! I’ve been looking at the Victory for a while but haven’t taken the plunge to trying it yet, but I really want to, especially now after seeing it on you! It looks like a really good fit, but such a shame about the straps. I’ve found Curvy Kate to be a little hit and miss with their elastics – their Ellace band elastic kills me as it feels more like standard strap elastic with a “sharp” edge.
    On another note, the high waist briefs are beautiful – are they part of the set or something else?


    1. It really is disappointing about the elastic. I wasn’t sure if it was just because my shoulder dints are so extreme & my shoulders were trying to eat the straps. But once I sat down & compared the elastic to the other bras I own, it’s clear a lower quality elastic was used.
      I didn’t get the Victory briefs. These are the Fran high waisted briefs from Adena Reay. They’re so comfy & have suspender straps too!


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