Brassy Bra – Adhesive Breast Tape

Tried & Tested

What is the big deal with Brassy Bra? Why are you seeing them pop up all over the place now? Long story short… Because this stuff is magic.

Brassy bra is an adhesive breast tape designed for bust sizes A-G to be worn instead of a bra.

I had seen videos online showing how you can cut & stick the strips where need to enhance the shape & to lift your breasts. I was so intrigued that only a few days after watching the video I reached out to the owner to ask if she’d think they’d handle holding up my big boobs.

We decided it would be worth a shot & she sent me out a box.

Each box contains 3 sets of tear drop shaped tape, 3 pairs of pasties & 3 adhesive removal wipes.

To be completely honest with you, I was very sceptical. You know what it’s like when you see something ‘new & amazing’ on the internet, then 99% of the time it ends up being awful. Yeah. That’s what I was expecting. I held the sheet of tape up to my body & scoffed. They’d be too small for my J cups. My plan was to film the hilarity of them not working & post it as a funny fails vid on my instagram.

I set up my phone & hit record. This is what happened:

Yes. They defy all logic. Not only did they stretch twice as far as I’d imagined, the adhesive was actually strong enough to hold up my boobs! Instead of the recommendation of 1 1/2 strips per breast (that is recommended for G cups) I went & used 2 strips per breast. This video is completely unedited & is the very first time I’d used them.

So I played with them under another outfit:

Yes. You can cut them to suit your outfit. And after an hour they were still stuck!

All of my skepticism flew away. I needed to properly test them out, but didn’t have time that day. So I peeled them off & began planning.

Fast forward to last week & a new box had arrived in the mail. My goal was to go about my day & see just how long this adhesive tape would last. This time I put all 3 sets on, just for some extra lift:

Somehow I managed to get one stuck to my finger & rolled up a little bit, but I was able to pull it apart & stick it back on.

Now for the moment of truth. How long do they actually stay on for:

Yes. 8 hours!

At the 2 hour mark I thought maybe it was all going to fall apart, but I think that was mainly due to my being over eager & putting on all 3 sets. The strips stick exceptionally well to my skin, but not so much to other strips. That’s where the separation was happening. In the future I will cut smaller strips (as originally recommended) & avoid unnecessary overlapping of the tape.

In that 8 hour time period I was both inside & outside the house, I carried around a toddler, bounced on the trampoline, hung out washing & played fetch with the dog. I was not restricted in my movements at all, and actually found it refreshing to not have a bra on.

The weight distribution of my breasts felt very different. That’s what I noticed the most. Not having a bra band or straps to help hold the weight meant the upper sections of my chest got a little bit of a workout. This wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, merely an observation.

Just before the 8 hour mark I started to feel a little bit of tingling on my skin & slight irritation where the upper sections of the tape were starting to separate from my skin. I took that as a sign to remove them. The packaging says to avoid irritation only wear for 8-10 hours, so I think that was fair. I’m not prone to sensitive skin, but on something as delicate as my breasts, I didn’t want to run the risk.

The removal process takes about double the time of the application. I took it really slow. This is not a giant bandaid. This does not need to be removed quickly. I started at the top & peeled them down slowly, using the wipes every step of the way.

I had no side affects, red marks or irritation after removal.

It’s been a fun process being able to test them out & am so happy with the results I’ve had.

From: Brassy Bra



11 thoughts on “Brassy Bra – Adhesive Breast Tape

  1. This is amazing! I’m a J cup and was looking for reviews of brassy bra from someone similarly busty and I’m so glad I found your blog! Thanks for the thorough review! You look gorgeous in that black dress btw!


  2. Thank you so much for the review! I recently gained about 50lbs after hysterectomy threw my hormones off like crazy, I’ve been desperate to find a backless bra that will hold the new “Bigger, Better, Bolder!” girls that I’ve got now 😂. Everything I used to use doesn’t stand a chance against the new boobies. I will be ordering this ASAP!


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