Step One – Boxer Brief – XL

Step One.

See, I’m not the only one in the family who appreciates top notch underwear.

When these jocks arrived I put a video of them on my Instagram stories asking if anyone would like to know more about them. Surprisingly 90% said YES!

So here we are, for the first time ever, men’s underwear as modelled by my husband, the one & only, Mr Busty.

Mr Busty has been wearing Bonds trunks for as long as I can remember, & I’ve been buying them for him for the past 10 years. We are such creatures of habit. I always just mindlessly bought his socks & jocks from Bonds without thinking about the other options.

After many years of uncomfortable jocks, chafing & riding up, and his favourites all had holes in them we decided it was time for a change. We had both already signed up to the Step One mailing list without the other knowing & when it came time to buy again we both suggested the same brand. I purchased 7 pairs for $126 with free postage & they arrived in less than a week.

Why did we choose Step One? Their down to earth & humorous advertising caught our attention. The products looked great & the price was fantastic, and with the allure of their claim to have the world’s most comfortable underwear, we were sold.

Mr Busty is a solid guy & wears a size 38 pant, he is wearing size XL in “Navy Seal”. The range is available in 6 different colours & size small through to 3XL with different styles to accomodate thinner/thicker thighs.

So, are they as good as they claim to be? YES.

First impressions are that they feel amazing. The bamboo is soft to touch & lightweight. We all know how good this fabric is so I don’t need to say a lot about that, but over all manufacturing of the product is of a really high standard. No loose threads, uneven stitching & no causes of irritation. The crotch/inner thigh panel is made from a super lightweight Lycra which is designed to stay in place & avoid chafing. All product & care info is printed inside so they are no tags.

After buying & wearing the 7 pairs, we threw out nearly 20 pairs of Bonds. With each pay cheque we will be continuing to buy them until all the Bonds are gone. The longer leg of the boxer brief stays in place all day, the Lycra panel has stopped all chafing issues & the fit is spot on. One of the design features Step One are known for promoting is that the front of the jocks are not flat like many brands. They have created a 3D contoured pouch for comfort in the front with side seams that keep ‘the boys’ contained, which i am told, prevents sweaty balls.

While I haven’t worn them myself, all the reports I am getting back are that the claims are true… These really are the world’s most comfortable (men’s) underwear!

From: Step One

3 thoughts on “Step One – Boxer Brief – XL

  1. They’re actually not as good as they claim. Like at all. Tried them this week & they’re easily the most uncomfortable undies I’ve worn in decades… They’re SO tight over your bits, they don’t allow any room for movement. Your balls have nowhere to go except to be squished into your leg or groin… my balls were in genuine pain for 2 days after wearing these….
    Save yourself the disappointment & run around, don’t bother trying them.


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