Curvy Kate – Princess – 12J

Not the frog kissing type of princess!

Ok, truth time. I’ve been hesitant to write this review. I wanted to wear this bra a few more times to make sure my thoughts were clear & not clouded by the multitude of positive feedback online about this bra.

Princess is the number one selling bra by Curvy Kate (according to Google). This means I had high hopes. Perhaps too high? Or perhaps their marketing team are just really great at their jobs?

When I first got the bra I thought it was really cute & would be a great basic design to have for everyday wear. However the more I wore it, the more I disliked it. Don’t get me wrong, if everything else is dirty I will wear it because it fits, but I can’t handle having it on all day. The fabrics & trims feel cheap, the velvet polka dots are visible through pretty much every outfit I own, the mesh band feels flimsy and worst of all, it hurts my shoulders so much. The straps are made from a good quality elastic (a thousand times better than the straps on Victory) however this is ruined by the fact they have continued the woven lace trim from the upper section of the cup up onto the front half of the shoulder strap. This means the elastic strap is now unstretchable where the trim is sewn on. The trim has a thin ribbon woven through it too, which then becomes all I can feel digging into my shoulders. It is there purely for aesthetic purposes & ruins the functionality of the bra for me.

That’s the bad news, now for the basic info.

Princess has great reviews from women of all different shapes & sizes. The design is cute & it runs true to size. The 3 section cups are made of black mesh with raised velvet polka dots, with the 2 lower sections lined in power mesh for added support. The upper cup is non stretch & features that woven lace ribbon trim I mentioned earlier. With a non stretch upper cup there isn’t much room for size fluctuations throughout the month, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Being a balcony bra, the shape she gives is lifted & rounded, but is not as high as many other balcony bras. I found it separated my breasts more than it lifted them. The wires & straps are set wider apart than I usually wear, but I didn’t have any issues with the wires digging into my armpits, so that’s a plus. The bra fits well & I didn’t have any issues spilling out of it (until I got my period), but overall the straps are what really let this whole bra down.

I genuinely expected more from Curvy Kate’s best seller. But what about you? Have you tried one? What do you think? Please let me know!

From: My Millla

Opening image by Harmony.

Knickers by LaceGrenade.

Trousers from Katies.

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