Zest Lifewear – Leggings – 18/20

Something different…

Now I know this is something different to what I would normally post, but I figured that if you’re a follower of my blog you might have a similar body shape to me & be interested in other things I wear too? I’m no fashion blogger, that’s for sure, but please feel free to read on & give me some feedback.

I was sent these leggings from Zest Lifewear to test out & I am so glad they did! The last time I wore any kind of activewear I was at least 20-30kg lighter & would just buy my gym gear from cheap stores like Best & Less, Big W etc. At the time I was a size 14/16 & found their leggings to be thin & transparent, but wore long shirts & tried to avoid wearing certain pairs of underwear with them. I was too curvy for the high end brands of activewear & made do with what I could get.

Now I’m not going to lie to you, I have not done a ‘workout’ in these pants, they have not been inside a gym & probably wont for a while either. I’m not going to pretend they have. I have been wearing them in my everyday life as a full time mum, which is basically a workout! Lifting, dressing, giving piggy back rides to, chasing after & entertaining a toddler is a job which requires a lot of movement. Also, while we’re chatting disclaimers, yes I know the bra in these pictures does not fit. It is a size too small in both the band & the cups. I do not wear it at all & only pulled it out to take these photos because I liked the colours.

Ok, now to the fun stuff. How’s they go? Well, these are the highest quality leggings I have ever had on my body! Ever! The fabric is nice & thick, it does not go transparent when stretched over my curves. They stay in place, all throughout the day. The legs don’t roll up, the band doesn’t roll down. The waist band sits high & I can squat without worry of my butt showing. The style is flattering to the figure & without the issue of transparency, I can wear whichever knickers I want with them.

Such a wonderful addition to my wardrobe & I highly recommend!

From: Zest Lifewear

Use the code BONNIE10 at checkout for a discount!


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