Panache – Jasmine – 12J & 18

Let’s Party!

Hello, I’m back again with another Jasmine bra set, this time in confetti print!

I got my first Jasmine bra almost 9 months ago & have been hooked ever since. Now I have three & feel I have a better appreciation of their design. My following review is very similar to the one posted earlier, but with some adjustments to factor in my new size & fit.

What is it about Jasmine’s design which makes her so great?

For me, it combines all of my favourite elements from other designs & turns them into one bra which is genuinely the best thing in my wardrobe right now.

It will come as no surprise to you who have been following me since the beginning, that I have gained a fair amount of weight in the last 12 months, most of which has gone to my boobs. Before the weight gain my absolute favourite “can’t live without” bras were Floris & Kali. I have one for every day of the week. But these bras are quite rigid & don’t have any stretch in the upper sections of the cups, so they do not accommodate for much fluctuation of breast size. That’s when my favourite bra switched to Envy. She is soft, stretchy & accommodating, but doesn’t give that extra firmness in the cups like Floris would.

In comes Jasmine! She is built with a firmness of Floris in the lower sections of the cups, but also has the softness of Envy in the lace upper sections. She is the perfect combo that my body needs right now!

In my 2017 review I was wearing the houndstooth print in size 10J. This new one is a 12J as the band & gore were starting to dig in & cause me pain.

The 3 patterned panels of the cups are made from 2 layers of firm power mesh. This fabric gives ultimate support & the secure feeling I love. It pulls my bust in from the sides & projects it forward, giving a lovely, rounded shape. Then the stretchy lace panel at the top is used gently encase the rest of my bust which would otherwise escape in other designs. It contours to my natural shape, so that regardless of the time of the month, or whether I have lost/gained some fullness in my bust, it will still sit wonderfully against my skin.

As with most Panache bras, the shoulder straps are wide & fully adjustable. The straps have a layer of soft felt which sits softly against the skin & doesn’t irritate, even after 12+ hours of continuous wear.

The band is also pretty plain & standard, again, as all Panache bras are. I’ve read other reviews & fit notes in the past saying Jasmine has run small in the band, which initially I did not find to be the case, but now that I am in between band sizes at the moment I can understand why it was mentioned.

The cheeky brief is fun every day underwear. This pair doesn’t ride up or dig in. I love the pastel pinky tones of this set & how it compliments my natural skin tone.

This has been another great addition to my wardrobe.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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