Panache – Piper – 12J & 18

Mid line miracles.

Confession: Before this bra, I had never owned a long line bra. I had admired them from a distance but always assumed that they wouldn’t work on my body since I carry some extra squish on my ribs. I had never even tried one on in the past for this reason, but when I saw this colour come through on the Big Girls newsletter in mid line I knew I’d have to at least give it a go. This soft turquoise with its pops of yellow was certainly the way to my heart.

The question of the day is, can Piper handle my rib squish? She sure can. She handles it with beauty & grace.

So technically since this is not a full long line bra (it’s a mid line) I still haven’t conquered a long line yet & will need to keep trying. But, these are baby steps!

Piper is absolutely gorgeous. She has such a young & fresh feel to her while giving all the support that is necessary for a full bust. The band is noticeably wider than anything else own, yet it still only uses 3 rows of hook & eyes to do up. That was another daunting idea of wearing a long line – would I be able to do up 4 or 5 rows of hooks unassisted? Unlike my initial thoughts & procrastinations, the lower section of the band is actually not too tight & does not dig in to my squishy tummy. Instead I simply noticed it was there, & it was adorable. With its scalloped eyelash lace & mesh back, the band is wonderful. After a few wears the lower sections did soften & begin to move around, so now the fabric under the right cup flicks under & the left side flicks out while wearing. It’s not uncomfortable but definitely noticeable.

The four section cups are made from non stretch mesh & lace. It designed to sit as a balconet, but from my own experience I don’t think they provided as much lift as the other balconet bras I own. Most give a lifted look with boobs positioned high, front & centre, whereas Piper offers more of rounded look & the boobs are not lifted as high. This is neither a good or bad thing, simply an observation. Under certain dresses I prefer a strong balcony & from day to day I don’t mind too much what my boobs are doing so long as they are contained.

The cheeky briefs are low cut & heaps of fun.

This set is a girls dream come true. Mesh, lace, polka dots & velvet!

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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