Elomi – Kim – 12J & XL

Fiery Florals

Elomi have stepped up their game yet again & sucked me in with this fun new print. I saw this beautiful red floral print while browsing the racks & before I knew it Kim was coming home with me!

The day I tried it on & for the first few weeks everything was great. Kim was my new best friend. Sadly by the second month it became obvious to me that Kim in this size just wasn’t right for me anymore.

So what went wrong?

At the time I got & photographed this set everything felt good. I knew Elomi had wider wires than the Panache styles I usually wear but they weren’t causing an discomfort. The band sat firmly, the cups fit me beautifully & the stretch lace upper sections of the cups were great for accommodating the size variation I have between my standard left boob & significantly bigger right boob. I wore Kim a lot! After the first wash I noticed the band had stretched a bit & wasn’t as firm, but this wasn’t a huge deal. It was just something I had noted down.

Each time I wore her it would feel less & less comfortable. My 12J was clearly not the right size anymore. I jumped on the scales & found that I’d lost a fair amount of weight. On the tightest row of hooks the band still wasn’t firm enough, the wires for my smaller left breast were now digging into my side & I spent all day readjusting. Now I knew why.

It wasn’t the fault of the bra fitter, nor the product. At the time I got it, it was great!

I loved the plunging neckline, the soft supportive band & the way they paired that geometric lace with the beautiful hand drawn floral print. All winners for me. The three section cups gave a beautiful rounded shape, while keeping me supported the whole time. I loved that this was a plunge bra that doesn’t have any padding. My boobs aren’t being pushed up to pretend that they defy gravity. The lace upper cup contained me & was also great for accommodating small fluctuations in size (for example, period boobs).

However Kim could not hold up to my drastic weight change. This was another huge reminder for me about the importance of being regularly fitted. My body continually is changing & if I want my bras to be comfortable & supportive, I need to be getting fitted regularly.

On the other hand, the briefs still fit me like a dream! I absolutely love them. The fabric is beautiful & soft. They are so comfortable to wear & stay in place. While I’m not able to wear the bra at the moment, these knickers are definitely going to stay in my daily rotation.

So now my question is… Do I get refitted in Kim again, but in another size? Or do I try another one of Elomi’s plunge styles? What would you do?

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore.

Use code BUSTY20 for 20% off this set & everything else at www.brastogo.com.au

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