Big Tights Co – Aztec Slip Shorts – 12-14

Summer Essentials

Curvy ladies everywhere know the daily battle against chafing that happens for at least 6 months of every year. It’s hot, we sweat, we chafe. This is not new information to you.

However this may be…

For the last year I’ve been wearing the Big Tights Company slip shorts. I first got the basic shorts with a lace trim a year ago, and loved them so much I got 2 extra pairs of the new Aztec design. These are my summer essentials.

Please note this is NOT shapewear.

These are a lightweight anti chafe shorts. They are super comfy, don’t ride up & stay in they place all day. They don’t suck you in, flatten you out or leave you feeling restricted. They really are awesome.

While I found the lace trimmed shorts occasionally caused me a bit of trouble (the lace pilling where my legs rub together) there have been no such issues with the Aztec design. The cutout design on the sides is fun & adds extra flare to an item that could be a bit boring.

For daily wear I do wear a pair on knickers underneath, but that is purely up to personal preference.


Lace trim shorts:

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