Panache – Sofia Crop – 12J & 18

Lovely Leopard

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, I am wearing a crop top. But it’s not just any crop top. It a revolutionary new design from Cleo by Panache that incorporates a crop & a balconnet bra all in one. Thank you Panache, I applaud you!

It is so refreshing to see new design concepts like this being brought to the full bust market. In my time blogging I haven’t seen a top like this in their range & it immediately stopped me in my tracks. If this is anything to go by, I look forward to seeing what other surprises they might have for us over the next few years.

Now let’s chat about Sofia!

The Sofia Crop consists of a basic 3 section cup balcony bra, with a leopard print lace overlay. The balconnet bra is a simple yet effective design which offers a great deal of coverage. The two lower sections of the cups are made from a non stretch black mesh, while the upper section is soft & stretchy. It also features an elastic trim which keeps the upper section of the cups sitting smoothly against the bust. The black mesh is continued around the band & had 2 rows of hook & eye closures at the back.

The leopard print lace has then been added to the front section of the bra to provide the crop top look. It begins on the side of the bra where the band meets the wires, continues up the shoulder straps & across to the end of the other underwire. The lace sits mid way up the neckline, about 1-2 inches higher than the bra section. The fold over elastic edging makes the neckline look neat & consistent, as the edging is also continued on to the shoulder straps.

How does she wear?

Incredibly! When I tried it on at Big Girls, I could immediately tell how comfortable it was. After a busy weekend I finally put this crop back on Monday morning to photograph it. Well, it’s now Tuesday afternoon & it has only left my body once while I slept. The band is comfortable, the straps are comfortable, the wires sit beautifully against my body & the lace doesn’t irritate. I don’t have any issues with bulging or falling out of the cups & the balcony bra gives a great bust shape under clothing.

This is a design that I really want to see more of. Sofia is such a beautiful piece of underwear that is great for laying & also to be shown off at outerwear. I want it in different fabrics, colours & textures already.

Sofia comes with a matching pair of high leg Brazilian briefs which sets off this look. This is a super comfortable cut of underwear that I have always loved & will always continue to do so. It sits beautifully on all different shapes & sizes.

This set really is a winner!


Use the code BUSTY20 at checkout, over the phone or in store to get 20% off your purchase.

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