Panache – Nouveau – 12JJ & 16

Beautiful Basics

This is my favourite every day basic bra right now! I know many of my posts begin like this, but it really is!

I can really judge how much I like a bra by not only how much I wear it, but also how motivated I am to do my hand washing so I can be wearing it again. Often times I’ll find myself wearing everything in my wardrobe before finally washing them all. But this is not the case with Nouveau, she is in high rotation. Washed, worn, tried, tested & loved!

Now, for those of you who (like myself) are major fans of Panache, you may notice that this bra is remarkably similar to Tango. Not quite twins, but are definitely sisters? You are absolutely right. I’m going to say Nouveau is the smaller framed littler sister of Tango.

While the 3 part cups are almost identical, the wires are where you can tell the difference. Unlike Tango, Nouveau has a shorter wire length. This means that for people like me, who couldn’t wear Tango since the wires sat too high & caused pain on my sternum, you can wear the improved design & still have all the comfort & benefit of having Tango as your everyday bra.

Other than the wire length, the only other noticeable difference is that Nouveau has more of a princess cut neckline, which I find works wonderfully under most clothes.

This balconnet bra gives full coverage, is made of a fine non stretch mesh with a thin elastic trim at the top of the cup. While she looks quite basic in photos, on closer inspection you’ll see a cute embroidered leaf design all over the cups & is featured on the mesh panels of the briefs too. Small details like this always make a set more appealing to me.

If you’ve tried Tango in the past, but haven’t been able to make it work – I highly recommend you give Nouveau a go!

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore

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