Sculptresse – Dionne – 14J & 20

The way you make me feel…

Finally I am the proud owner of a set by Sculptresse. I have admired them from afar but never been able to take the plunge since my band size falls out of their range. Sculptresse specifically cater to sizes 14-24 (UK 36-46) & cup sizes D-J. Often I try not to look at brands I don’t fit into in order to avoid getting my heart set on something that wont fit, but with this design it was lust at first sight. I saw Dionne hanging up on the New Arrivals wall at Big Girls & immediately asked if there was a way I could use sister sizing to make her fit. Look at her. How was I to resist?

My standard size at the time was a 12J, in sister sizing this is 14H, however it was too small in the cups for me, so we went up to the 14J.

I’m going to come straight out of the gate by saying the band is too big. I have to wear it on the tightest row of hooks, which means once it starts to stretch I won’t have a tighter row to move to. But for right now she’s gorgeous!

Dionne is a full cup bra which has four part cups. The lower sections are laminated & have a tile print, while the upper section is a sheer beige mesh which matches my skin tone beautifully. The look is finished off perfectly by the black elastic attached from the centre gore to the shoulder straps. These small straps aren’t adjustable, but don’t need to be either.
The length they have chosen is just right. The shape given by the cups is a little more pointy than my usual preference, but isn’t noticeable under clothing.

As mentioned earlier the band is a bit big since I tried to get my size 12 body into a size 14 band, but oh my, the fabric they use on the Sculptresse bands is unlike anything else. It’s worth it! It is so soft & comfortable. For those of you who are already Sculptresse fans, this bra is based on the Chi Chi design, however Dionne is a thousand times sexier! Seeing brands making comfortable designs like this, while also keeping them beautiful & stylish is so refreshing to see.

The briefs match the bra beautifully with its mesh panel & tile print. They are a full brief that sit nice & high, without causing any issues by riding up. They are made from a stretch microfibre and are comfortable for all day wear.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore
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