Marvell Lane – Ava & Kiera – 14H & 18

The Ultimate Bikini

You know that feeling you get when you own something so fantastic, you just don’t know how to contain your excitement? That is me. As you know from my past reviews & from my Instagram, I absolutely love Marvell Lane. There’s no hiding it. They are that unicorn brand I have been searching for & I can’t help but shout from the rooftops how much I love them.

Sexy, underwired, full bust swimwear, now in new prints & colours.
Need I say more?
I don’t need to, but you know me, I will anyway!

Marvell Lane are an Aussie label who are determined to show that full bust swimwear can be sexy. Young women all around the world have been celebrating, Marvell Lane has seen the gap in the market & filled it. So much so that they are now stocked by several retailers around Australia.

Even though ‘technically’ as a 10J I’m sized out of the range, by sending my measurements to Rachel, we were able to find a sister size which works for me & I couldn’t be happier.

The Ava top is so dreamy. A deep plunging neckline, those ruffles & the security of knowing your boobs aren’t going to fall out while swimming are all high on my list of pros. The two section cups are lined with a strong (but not rigid) power mesh. The design gives a lovely rounded shape, while lifting & supporting your breasts. Although the mesh is firm, there is still a decent amount of stretch in it to adjust to changes in breast size. The wires are quite flexible & don’t dig in on me in any places.

When I first tried this new top on I noticed that the front seam of the cups was more rigid & looked slightly pointier that last season. This doesn’t affect the way it feels & the seam may soften after swimming, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Here is a side by side image so you can see what I mean.

Again the band ties up at the back. While most underwired swimsuits have a fixed band size with a single clip for security, it doesn’t accommodate much to change in size. Normally I wear a size 10 band, but here I am in a size 14 with no worries at all. I simply tie the back as firmly as I need to create my desired level of support.

You may also notice there are no rings & sliders on the shoulder straps. The unique design is sleek & so aesthetically pleasing. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates bulky swimwear sliders & all the fabric bunched into them.) Instead there is G shaped hook sewn onto the band where you can attach the loop of your shoulder strap at the desired length. In my case, I hooked onto the tightest of the loops when wearing the straps as straight, & then the loosest loop to crisscross. This also eliminates the trouble of having sliders slip throughout the day. This new season’s release has longer shoulder straps & more loops to help you find the perfect fit.

The Keira high waisted briefs are beautifully designed too. High waist, high cut & are made using the same power mesh as the Ava top to hold in your jiggly bits. The ruching across the front panel is extremely flattering & comfortable. With this new season comes new sizing too! Now I’m wearing a size 18 which is the perfect fit for my curves.

It’s been so wonderful to see Marvell Lane grow, take on feedback & keep improving.


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