Nessa – Tatuaż – 12J & XXXL

Polish Pleasures

Oh Poland. You’ve done it again. Another first time trying a Polish lingerie brand I’d never heard of, and automatically falling in love. The lingerie manufacturers in Poland sure know what they’re doing & how to lure me in!

This time I’ve been trying out the Nessa Lingerie. Nessa is stocked by Le Buste here in Brisbane. Size conversions, fit notes & language barriers are what always stop me from buying directly from international brands like this. Unless I have someone with the knowledge to guide me through everything, I unfortunately tend to shy away. But, having Le Buste only 15 mins from my house, it was easy for me to try a bunch of sizes on & see what worked for me. This bra is labeled as 75M (Euro) which converts to 12J (Aus).

So, here she is. Tatuaż by Nessa.

Tatuaż is a balcony style bra made with 3 section cups. They are adorned with a non stretch, tattoo inspired, embroidered tulle. The top section of the cup is sheer while the bottom sections are lined. This design means there isn’t a lot of stretch, or room for size variations, but if you get sizes correctly there should be no issue when it comes to everyday wearability.

Depending on the brand I’m fluctuating between a size 10 & 12 band at the moment, for this style I definitely needed the 12. The band sits firm.

Like many Polish designs, the wires are narrow & give great forward projection. This is a shape I personally love & suits my body shape. It’s not for everyone though since we all have such unique & varied bodies, but I really like it!

Be warned though, the sizing of the briefs is madnesses. Or maybe Polish lingerie wearers don’t have butts like Australian’s do? I usually wear a size XL (AU 16/18) but on these I had to size up to XXXL to get a good fit. The design is super cute, really comfortable & fun to wear, but the inconsistency in sizing is a downfall, especially for those who are a true XXXL that order & received something that is considerably smaller.

All in all a good set, but best to shop via an Aussie stockist like Le Buste so you’re not disappointed.

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