Elomi – Matilda – 10JJ & 16

New Tricks

Well hello & check out my new plunge bra! Yes, a full bust plunge bra that doesn’t have moulded cups. Moulded cups have never cooperated with my body since I have a large size variance between my boobs, so to have a basic plunge for special events is a blessing.

Matilda is one of the most well know Elomi designs & is very popular with women of all different shapes & sizes. Their popularity has also increased since they started to include smaller band sizes, now down to a size 10, making it easier for someone like myself to find the perfect fit.

The 3 section cups are made from sheer mesh, with the lower sections lined by black power mesh. The offer a good level of support & gives the bust a rounded shape. Being a plunge bra, the design separates your bust, giving a different look under clothing that you won’t get wearing something like a balcony bra. Some people love it, some people hate it. I sit in the middle. I like the look of the set on its own & with certain dresses, but not so much under everyday clothes. For those who like the shape it gives, this could also double really well as a T-shirt bra since the seams & embroidery sit really flat & smooth.

Like other Elomi bras the wires sit wide & are well suited for those with a broad frame or whose bust is full on the side. If you have a narrow frame this could be uncomfortable.

Another feature of this bra is that they have included a J hook on the shoulder straps, so it can be easily converted to a racer back for more support, more cleavage & to be worn under different style outfits. For me, since I have a small frame & need the straps adjusted quite high, the J hook sits right on top of my shoulder & hurts in my little shoulder dints, but with a pair of wire cutters the slider with the J hook can be easily removed.

I have the underwear in both the briefs & thong. The briefs are fantastic for everyday wear & are very comfortable. The thong took a few washes & wears to soften the front panel, but are also a great addition.

Bra & briefs from:
Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore
Get 20% off with code BUSTY20

Thong from:
Le Buste

Worn with Heather suspender from Hopeless Lingerie.


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