Panache – Sophie – 12J & 14 (maternity)

Change of pace…

2019 is going to be looking a bit different here on Busty Diaries. While I still have a couple of wired lingerie sets to review from last year, this year’s focus will be on non wired lounge & nursing wear. I’ll still be reviewing lingerie, but will also be including loungewear & clothing that are breastfeeding friendly. I’m due to have a baby in around 8-9 weeks, so what I’ll be wearing everyday is going to be completely different to now. I hope you stay along for the ride & see what new comfy things have been added to my wardrobe.

First up is Panache’s nursing bra, Sophie. As you know Panache is one of my most worn brands, so obviously this is where I started when maternity shopping.

When shopping for a nursing bra, I cannot stress enough the importance of going to a store & being professionally fitted. It’s recommended to do this around week 25-30 of pregnancy. Our bodies change so much when growing a baby it is hard to predict what size you’ll be, so it’s best to wait until you’re this far along.

I have fluctuated a lot in weight over the last 7 months so it turned out the size I thought I’d be was totally wrong & even some of the brands I was hoping to wear didn’t work for my body shape at all. Thank goodness for Katrina at Big Girls who was there to steer me in the right direction. It can be quite overwhelming going at it alone, it was wonderful to have her there to help me with sizes & styles.

The Sophie nursing bra is a non wired design made for pregnancy & nursing. It has 3 section cups which drop down & an internal side sling support which stays permanently attached. This side sling is where most of your shape & forward projection comes from. If this is your first time trying maternity bras, you’re immediately going to notice how different your breast shape looks, especially under clothing. Non wired bras try their best, but the reality is that on a bust as big as mine, the only way to achieve my desired lifted look is with wire. These boobs don’t defy gravity & never will, but I know my beautiful wired bras will be waiting for me in 2020 or whenever I finish breastfeeding. That’s half the fun of maternity, your body is constantly changing & adapting, so we just roll with the punches.

This design is one of the more attractive styles in the full bust maternity market. There are heaps of cute brands out there for a smaller bust, but like most things, that ends at around a G cup. I was drawn to this style because it didn’t look like any of the other bras & (bonus points) had matching briefs. The black lace looks a bit vintage inspired, with its floral embroidery & scalloped edge. It is laid over a beige cotton fabric which shows through. This sets it apart from most basic bras. The back of the bra is the same as everything Panache makes, basic black mesh. Like all maternity bras it has 6 rows of hooks to accommodate fluctuations in size. All reviews I have read about this bra is that the cup size runs small & I can definitely agree with this comment too. Before conception of this baby I was wearing 12J bras, but after loosing a lot of weight early in pregnancy my boobs shrunk down to a H-HH. In this style I still needed a J cup, even though I’m an H-HH in everything else. So I definitely recommend sizing up a cup or two, or best of all trying it on in store so you get find the best fit.

The matching briefs (shorts) are a great addition to the set. They are well made, have great coverage & are comfortable to wear. The sizing is generous, which means I went down a size in them.

I’m excited to share with you all what other brands & styles I’ll be wearing this year. If you have any brand recommendations please let me know, I’d love to hear.

From: Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore
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