My Cup Runneth Over – Straight Laced Night Dress – Medium Cup 3

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Every now & then a product comes into your life & you wonder how you ever lived without it. In 2018 that product for me was this night dress. My Cup Runneth Over makes a range of different products, but this one is my absolute favourite!

My Cup Runneth Over is an Australian sleepwear, loungewear & lingerie company who specialise in non wired items for cup sizes D-J. They are designed & manufactured all here in Australia from the highest quality fabrics. I was lucky enough to meet Annie, the creator of the brand who lives in Sydney. She has really thought about the needs of full busted women (being one herself!) & filled the gap in the market when it came to supportive sleep & lounge wear.

I’ve been wearing this night dress for maybe 6 months solid. How it’s taken me this long to write about it boggles my mind, but here we finally are! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have already seen heaps of pics of it already, but here’s a chance to know more about the design.

The dress is made from bamboo jersey fabric, an adjustable underbust tie & the three section cups that cocoon the bust beautifully. The cups offer fantastic coverage & a deep plunge. The added hook at the front of bust, combined with the cocoon cup shape ensures you never fall out of the dress while sleeping, lounging, cleaning, cooking or chasing after children!

The underbust tightness is easy adjusted by using the ribbon which ties up at the front. As we know, most of our bust support comes from the band of our bras, so being able to change the support & tightness levels in under 30 seconds is a real winner. For example, when sleeping I will tie the underbust loosely, but once my day begins I’ll tighten it up. The four shoulder straps are also customisable & can be worn crossed over for added support.

There is one downer to this design though. Because it is so well thought out, so well designed, is supportive & is so incredibly comfortable, I literally live in it. As someone who is now 7 months pregnant, has no day job & hates getting dressed anyway, if I don’t have a reason to get dressed & leave the house – I won’t! This however means that I need to constantly wash it so I can continue wear it all day & all night, all week long without feeling like a grub. I have taken to alternating between the night dress & the Straight Laced top too, although I find the support of the dress to still be better & wear it more.

Annie, the creator, is really a genius with this design & these gorgeous ‘Sloungerie’ pieces are worth every single cent!

Get yours with a 20% discount by using the code: BustyDiaries

Minimum spend $100

Above images by Jill Kerswill Photography.

One thought on “My Cup Runneth Over – Straight Laced Night Dress – Medium Cup 3

  1. Thank you for your wonderful coverage of the My Cup Runneth Over experience! We really appreciate the sharing 🙂 It’s important us bosomed buddies spread the love among our girl-tribe so we can all experience comfort 24-7! It’s hearing about experiences like these that make all the hard work that go into these creations worthwhile. Thank you Busty Diaries!!

    Annie xx


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