Cake – Tea – 12H (maternity)

A piece of cake!

This week I have been testing out a nursing bra from Cake Maternity. This is the first time I’ve worn this brand, and spoiler alert, I am loving it! The quality, support & comfort far exceeded my expectations, especially at this price point. From the first time I put it on, I could tell that a lot of thought & testing had gone into the design.

At first inspection the things I noticed were that it was well made & used good quality fabrics, but the shoulder straps were wider than anything I’d ever owned before. This made me a bit apprehensive about how they would sit on my narrow frame, but there was nothing to worry about.

While this may look like a heavy duty bra, it doesn’t feel restrictive or harsh. The soft fabrics & diamanté pendant combined with the lace detailing on the cups & band makes the design feminine & appealing.

The four section cups provide wonderful lift & shape. Add to that the extra support you get from the internal shelf that is attached to the A frame, and this bra really is a winner! No rectangular “monoboob” shape of spillage out the top. The band is wide & has side supports to also keep everything in place.

This is by far the best designed maternity cup I’ve ever worn. It combines all my favourite features from a bunch of different brands, & puts them all together into this one superstar bra!

There is nothing to fault with this bra & it’s design. It is the cream of the crop!

Worn here with a pair of Cake Lingerie Cotton Knickers in XL. They come in a 4 pack & are the perfect breathable cotton undies for pregnancy & summer!

Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore
& Cake Maternity

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