Sugar Candy – Everyday Bras – L/XL


I would like to introduce to you the new kids on the block when it comes to non wired bras. Sugar Candy. Sugar Candy are an offshoot of the popular maternity brand Cake Maternity. I noticed them on Instagram when they launched in June 2017. They offer seam free, wire free bras designed for FF-H cups.

Unlike most of the items I review here, these bras only come in blanket sizes XS-XXL, not specific band & cup variations. This is fine for standard & fuller figured sizes, but means that those with extreme size variances between bust & underbust measurements might not be able to find their perfect fit.

This was the case for me. My bust measures 10 inches bigger than my band size, so I ended up trying two different sizes to compare.

First up I tried the pink everyday bra in size XL. My first impressions were great. I was happy to see a well thought out design with high quality fabrics. Knowing that the bras are being specifically designed for a full bust, you can see why the added features of a platform sling & side support slings are so important. Wrangling a large bust in a wire free & seam free, generic sized bra without these slings would be impossible! The platform provides lift, while the side support creates shape & forward projection.
The band is thick & does not fold in on itself. The whole design is gentle on the skin & very comfortable to wear.


While the XL gave great coverage for my bust, the band was too big. Even on the tightest row of hooks, it would ride up. This means constant adjusting throughout the day & caused me frustration.

Then I tried the denim crush bra in size L. All the features are exactly the same to the pink bra, just in smaller sizing. This time I found that the band sat nicely, but the cups were just a smidge too small. Instead of readjusting the band, I was now constantly tucking my boobs in, since they would bulge out the top of the cups.

Ideally for me & my measurements I’d have the XL cups on a L band, but as far as I’m aware, they do not offer custom sizing like that.

The design & wearability of this range is fabulous. For me it’s perfect for lounging & sleeping. It will definitely work as an everyday bra for someone with less extreme bust to band ratios.

Sugar Candy

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