My Cup Runneth Over – Caitlin Curve Night Dress – Medium Cup 3

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Every now & then a product comes into your life & you wonder how you ever lived without it. In 2018 that product for me was the Straight Laced night dress from My Cup Runneth Over. I lived in that dress 24/7 & all throughout my pregnancy.
The funny thing about pregnancy though is that you never quite know what’s going to happen each day. I wore that Straight Laced night dress constantly, not thinking it would be the dress I’d be wearing when I was rushed to hospital while having a placental abruption & bleeding out. That dress bore the brunt of a 1L blood loss at home & in the ambulance. When I made it to hospital, changed into their gown & saw the extent of the mess I thought it would be ruined forever.
The next day I called Annie (boss lady of My Cup Runneth Over) to ask advice on how to save my dress. Not only did she give me great washing advice which saved my dress & knickers, but she also delivered this Caitlin Curve dress to me the same day to make life easier.
So now my ‘can’t live without’ product for 2019 is this dress!
The Caitlin Curve dress is made from a bamboo jersey fabric, an adjustable underbust tie & the three section cups that cocoon the bust beautifully. The cups offer fantastic coverage & a deep plunge. The cocoon cup shape ensures you never fall out of the dress while sleeping, lounging, cleaning, cooking or chasing after children, but is soft enough to be adjusted to be used for breastfeeding as well! I wore this new dress constantly at the hospital, when my milk came in & as my daily uniform at home. The cups are so a flexible they hold me in when fully engorged with milk, while still giving enough support when I’ve just fed & my breasts are small & empty.
While this is not designed as a nursing garment, it works beautifully as one. Simply slide the shoulder strap off & you’re ready to go.
The underbust tightness is easily adjusted by using the ribbon which ties up at the front. As we know, most of our bust support comes from the band of our bras, so being able to change the support & tightness levels in under 30 seconds is a real winner. For example, when sleeping I will tie the underbust loosely, but once my day begins I’ll tighten it up. The four shoulder straps are also customisable & can be worn crossed over for added support.
The body of the dress is lose fitting & drapes beautifully over your curves. The design caters wonderfully to my ever changing body & it’s shape. Because the dress is flowy & the bust section is adjustable it is just as comfortable on my smaller body now as it did on the traumatised body I had immediately after giving birth. To have a garment that is suitable for my body at all different stages of life is so important. These dresses can withstand everything I’ve put them through & I couldn’t recommend them more.

Get fitted & try them on at Le Buste Lingerie here in Brisbane or shop online at:

4 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over – Caitlin Curve Night Dress – Medium Cup 3

  1. So glad to know about these options! What is the difference between the Straight Laced and the Caitlin Curve dress? Thanks for the additional info.


    1. Hi Melinda, they are identical in the upper section, cups, straps etc. The difference is the cut of the dress. The Caitlin is full & flowy, with lots of fabric to swish & twirl around in. The Straight is more of a straight cut & hugs the body closer. Earlier this year I wrote a post about the Straight Laced dress, if you’d like to see more about it.


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